Qualtrics INSIGHT

  1. Project Metrics such as "estimated response time" and "12-day response trend", to help you gauge the response patterns.
  2. Distribution Summary, which shows an interactive history of all the responses for your surveys.
  3. Inline Email Questions, which lets you insert a survey question directly into your email invitations.

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  1. My Surveys Tab: This is now the MY PROJECTS page. There are many improvements to the layout. (Watch Video)
  2. Edit Survey Tab: This is now the SURVEY MODULE. Most of the changes here are cosmetic. (Watch Video)
  3. Distribute Survey Tab: This is now the DISTRIBUTIONS MODULE. There are several improvements to the layout. (Watch Video)
  4. View Results Tab: This has been split into 2 pages - DATA & ANALYSIS, and REPORTS. The Data & Analysis helps to manage, analyze, and export response entries. And Reports helps to view and generate reports from the overall responses. (Watch Video)
  5. Panels: Panels have been relabeled CONTACTS. On this page, most of the changes are layout related. The page has been redesigned to make it easier to view and manage contacts. (Watch Video)
  6. Library: This section has been simplified and enhanced to make organization and management easier and more intuitive. (Watch Video)




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