Editing with Camtasia

Getting familiar with Camtasia editing

In Camtasia editing there are four different windows; task list, clip bin, preview window and storyboard or timeline. Each one of these windows provides you with different functions to edit your video the way you want it.

Location of task list

Using the edit functions

Once you have placed your clip on the timeline you can begin to edit it. You can import audio, video and images and add transitions, callouts, flash hot spots and markers.  You can also delete scenes by cutting them out of your timeline.

To import an audio, video or image file, click on the appropriate import function, example: "Import video", under Import on the Task List. A window of your computer file directory will appear and you can select the file that you want to import and then click open. Your file will now be in the clip bin area and you can click and drag it to the timeline where you want it added. You can do this to as many images and audio and video files as you need within your finished video.

Importing video

Go to the task list menu under edit and click transitions. A window will appear and you may double click on a transition to preview it. Once you have decided on a transition, drag and drop it between the still images or clips in the storyboard. Click finish when you are done.

Adding a transition

To add a callout, click your curser on the timeline where you want the callout. From the task list menu select Callouts. In the Callout window select “add callout”.

Adding a callout

You will be directed to the callout properties window where you will choose the size, shape, text and color of the callout. You can move the callout by clicking on it in the preview window and dragging it.  Once you have set the callout properties, click ok to exit.



If you would like to add an interactive link to your callout, check the make flash hot spot box and select the flash hot spot properties button. 


When the properties box appears you may select what action you want.  (By default the flash hot spot will pause the video at the callout and the action applied to the callout will be click to continue.)


After you have modified all of the callout properties click ok. 


Once you exit the callout properties you will see it in the callout window as callout 1. If you click on it you will be able to edit it by selecting “Modify selected Callout”. You can now add another callout or click finished to go back to the timeline.

Creating a callout

·         Markers: Markers allow you to add place holders in your video which will later aid in creating an index to help viewers navigate. 

First, you will want to select the stop button in the preview window to start at the beginning of your video.   To view the markers on the timeline as you are adding them, click on tracks just above the timeline and then click Markers track. 

To add a marker click on Edit and Add a marker.  The first maker will be placed at the beginning of your video. 

To add additional markers throughout the video, click on the timeline where you want them to appear, click edit and Add a Marker.


Once you added a maker you can double click on it and the markers name dialog box will appear.  You can personalize your markers name here.


Selecting an area to cut

To cut a part of the clip, select the area on the timeline you wish to cut, and then click the scissors icon at the top of the timeline toolbar to remove the selected area.

Once you have finished with all your editing, you are ready to produce the video.