Camtasia – Recording Your Screen

To record an area of your screen along with audio (either audio coming in through your microphone or audio playing through the computer speakers), start by opening Camtasia Studio.  You can do this either by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop or by opening the program from your Start menu.

The Welcome screen will pop up, and at this point, choose Record the Screen.  (If this screen ever does not come up, you can always click on Record the screen in your Task List on the left side of the window.)

You will now see the Camtasia Recorder window.

Before you click the Record button, first you must choose some settings.


Full Screen – This setting allows you to record everything on your screen, including your task bar, clock, etc.


Custom – This setting allows you to record a specific area within your screen.


Once you’ve selected the area you wish to record, now select the audio you wish to record.  To do this, click on the Audio button, and choose the audio option you wish to record.

Please Note: Your options might be slightly different from those shown in the image.  Select the headset or microphone if you are going to record yourself speaking.


Once you’ve selected your audio source, test it out by either speaking into your microphone/headset or playing audio, and make sure that you see your audio level.

Notice you can adjust the sensitivity of your microphone by adjusting the slider bar below the audio level.



Once you have your area selected and your audio source set, now it is time to hit record.  Once you hit Record, you’ll then see a countdown, and then the recording will begin.

Once you finish recording, hit F10 on your keyboard.  You will now see a playback of what you just recorded.  Remember at this point to save your recording by clicking the Save button.