Using Lockdown Browser (Student Guide)

If your eLearning assessment requires LockDown Browser, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the UT Dallas LockDown Browser download site, and install the LockDown Browser. (This site will take you step by step through the installation process.)

  2. Once you've installed LockDown Browser and you are ready to take your assessment, close all programs you currently have open, then double-click on the icon on your desktop. (Mac users -- lauch "LockDown Browser" from your Applications folder.)

    LockDown Browser icon

  3. Log into eLearning using LockDown Browser. Navigate to your assessment, then click the [Begin] button. (If this button is disabled, this means you are not currently using LockDown Browser.)

  4. While taking an assessment using the Lockdown Browser, you will not be able to use any other programs, copy any content, or print screen or print the assessment..

  5. Once the assessment has been started using LockDown Browser, you cannot exit until the [Save and Submit] button is clicked.

If you have any questions, please contact the 24/7 eLearning Helpdesk at 1-866-588-3192.