Qualtrics is a powerful, easy-to-use survey creation tool that UT Dallas has a site license for. Qualtrics is accessible from any computer -- on-campus or off -- by logging into the UT Dallas Qualtrics website and logging in using your NetID and password.

Click here to log into Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Account Types

There are two types of accounts for Qualtrics users at UT Dallas.:

  • Standard/Basic Account
    Immediately available to any UTD faculty, staff, or student who has an active NetID. There are some limitations:
    • Total Allowed Surveys: 20
    • Allowed Active Surveys: 10
    • Allowed Responses: 2,500
    • Allowed Outgoing Emails: 2,500
  • Upgraded Account
    Available upon request. Please send upgrade request and justification to the eLearning Director, Darren Crone.
    • Unlimited access
    • Access to UT Dallas branded template

Both the above account types are intended to be used for official UTD purposes only.

New! Qualtrics Insight

Qualtrics has launched a new and improved version of its survey tool, known as INSIGHT. UT Dallas will transition to this new interface on June 7, 2016. (Read More)

Training Materials

Part of our agreement with Qualtrics is access to online training. Simply visit the Qualtrics University website and check out online tutorials, sign up for a webinar, or just look around at the various help documents.

Five Steps to Learning Qualtrics

  1. Survey Basics: Estimated Time: 30 minutes
    An easy to follow tutorial walks users through the process of survey creation, distribution, and displaying results in Qualtrics.
  2. Practice Survey 1: Estimated Time: 40 minutes
    Now that you have learned the basics of survey building, you can now practice by building your first survey.
  3. Best Practices: Estimated Time: 5 minutes
    Gaining user participation in the survey process, is based on survey question design. This tutorial will walk you through the process of designing better survey questions and gives best practices on question development as well.
  4. Advanced Survey Building: Estimated Time: 25 minutes
    Continue to progress in your Qualtrics knowledge by creating more advanced surveys. This tutorial focuses on taking a basic survey and enhancing it by customizing the experience for survey partcipants.
  5. Practice Survey 2: Estimated Time: 40 minutes
    Now that you have mastered the advanced survey building techniques, you can now practice by creating an advanced survey using your basic survey as a foundation.


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