The eLearning Team provides training to University faculty and staff on educational technology tools that can help better engage students and members of the University community. 

How to Register

To view available dates and register, please LOG INTO GALAXY > look for LEO (Learning and Education Organizer)  > click on “Find Available Training” > Search by “Course Name” or by “Training Department.

If no dates are available or if you would like a one-to-one session, please fill out the SPECIAL TRAINING REQUEST FORM.

  • We also conduct customized workshops for departments/ groups. To request a session, please fill out the SPECIAL TRAINING REQUEST FORM and select “Group Training”.

Workshops covering the Learning Management System (eLearning/ Blackboard 9.1)

  1. Getting Started with eLearning: This workshop covers the basic overview of eLearning. This includes system interface and navigation, control panel overview, adding and organizing content, student communication tools, and a first look at the Grade Center.
  2. Student Engagement Tools: This  workshop explores student engagement tools within eLearning such as Discussion Board, Blogs, Journals and Wikis. Participants will learn the unique features of these tools, how to effectively set up these tools for students, as well as how to grade and provide feedback  to students for submitted work.
  3. Groups: This workshop covers the Groups Tool in eLearning, which allows students to collaborate in small groups, and present work. Participants will learn about types of groups, ways to set up groups, assigning work to groups, and grading group work.
  4. Intro to Blackboard Collaborate: This interactive online workshop introduces users to the web conferencing tool Blackboard Collaborate that is available within eLearning. Topics include program overview and navigation, displaying content, managing participants, recording sessions, and other features. This is a web conference conducted in Blackboard Collaborate. It is not at a physical location. Upon signing up you will receive instructions from us on how to join the session.
  5. Online Tests: This workshop demonstrates how to create and deploy a self-graded Test in eLearning. Participants will learn the use of Question Pools and random selection of questions for high-stakes tests. The workshop also includes an introduction to the Respondus LockDown Browser tool for test administration. Participants will also learn best practices for Online Proctored Exams.
  6. Assignments & Rubrics: This workshop covers the Assignments & Rubrics Tool in eLearning. Participants will learn how to create, view,  grade assignments, and provide feedback to students. Participants will also learn how to create effective Rubrics, and associate them with assignments.
  7. Intro to Turnitin Assignments: This workshop provides an overview of Turnitin, which is the plagiarism-detection software used at UTD. Participants will learn how to create Turnitin assignments, how to submit assignments from the students' perspective, and how to review and analyze the Originality Report generated by Turnitin.
  8. Grade Center: This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the Grade Center tool in eLearning. Participants will learn basic functionality like creating columns, editing grades and releasing grades to students. We will also cover advanced functionality such as creating calculated grades, working offline and importing grades into eLearning.
  9. Intro to eLearning Organizations: This workshop provides an overview of organizations, which is the non-academic side of eLearning. Participants will learn the key differences between organizations and academic courses. We will also discuss how to plan and design an organization based on its purpose, and how to effectively manage contents and users within the organization.

Workshops covering other Educational Technology Tools

  1. Intro to Qualtrics: This workshop introduces Qualtrics, a survey software to collect feedback from large audience groups which the University has made available to all users. In this workshop participants will learn how to create edit and distribute surveys and view results.
  2. Intro to WebEx: This workshop introduces WebEx, a web conferencing tool provided by the university to all faculty staff and students. Participants will learn how to navigate the program, create and manage meetings, display content, manage participants, record meeting, and use the WebEx Dashboard. This is a web conference conducted via WebEx. It is not at a physical location. Upon signing up you will receive a WebEx invitation from us with further instructions on how to join the session.
  3. Intro to Respondus: This workshop demonstrates the use of Respondus, which is a third party software to create question banks and import them into eLearning. Participants will learn how to format question lists for Respondus use, how to import questions, review questions, and publish questions to an eLearning course.
  4. Intro to Clickers: This workshop demonstrates the use of Turning Point Polling, offered by Turning Technologies. This software is used to conduct classroom polls and generate real-time results. During the workshop, participants will learn how to create question lists, conduct polls, and view results.

Tutorials and Handouts

For additional information, please email [email protected] with the subject: "Training".

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