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Adam Brackin

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Adam Brackin is a Texas certified English and Art teacher with a Master's in Gifted Education. His Two Bachelor of Arts degrees are in English and Art, and he has taught for many years in both traditional public and private schools - as well as various learning and tutorial centers.

He was the co-owner and Executive Director of Bridge Builder Academy Private School in Plano which specializes in Individualized education from 2006-2013, and director of game development at Fundi Interactive Games from 2006 - 2008, during which time he was the head writer and Creator of various works of Collaborative Online Fiction, most recently the 2006 - 2007 "Deus City" ARG, and the 2008 "Conspiracy Asylum" Online Interactive Fiction spin - off. Brackin writes about and researches various forms of non-linear and interactive fiction. He has been a presenter at ARGFest, the annual alternative reality gaming festival and is creator of the "Circular Model of ARG Development" which allows for new ways of ARG diagramming such as the "Adjacent ARG," "Inclusive ARG" and "ARG Cluster" models. Dr. Brackin earned his Ph.D. focusing on Arts and Technology at UTD, where he now teaches Emerging Media and Communication and Arts and Technology, with an emphasis on game studies and various forms of interactive/collaborative storytelling such as the UTD ARGlab and Narrative Video Lab courses.

ATC 2.913

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