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Nicolas Martini

Visiting Assistant Professor

Nico Smith has a B.A. in Art and Performance and M.A. in Emerging Media & Communications from the University of Texas at Dallas. He comes from a theatre background and used to be both an actor and director and was a member of the 2005 Lincoln Center Director's Lab. He has since left the theatre and focused on social media and digital marketing, however the influence will always be there.

Nico founded his company, Hypeworthy, in 2008 and has worked with brands such as CBS Radio, Dallas Police Department, 35 Denton Music Festival, Hail Merry, Pearl Cup Coffee, Michael Urie Craft Cocktails Texas and many others. Focusing specifically on social media, his general belief is that “Social media allows both brands and individuals to approach communities and networks in ways very similar that of an actor or director approaching an audience. You have the story you are trying to convey, you have the specific audience you are trying to reach, and you have certain tools at your disposal. Successful communicators will use these tools to convey the exact image they would like the audience to receive, but at the same time be receptive to immediate feedback and learn to play off the audience, like any good actor does.”

Nico currently hosts Six Degrees on The Indie-verse, has directed Off-Broadway, toured the US with crazy hippie jugglers (The Flying Karamzov Brothers), managed a laser-tag arena, performed in wild west comedy gunfight and pirate shows across the nation, toured the US as a drummer, and voiced numerous japanime characters, all professionally. Yes, seriously.

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