Our faculty includes a cadre of outstanding scholars and artists making significant contributions to their field.

  • Faculty
Associate Professor
Director, ATEC PhD Program
Associate Director of the Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology
Senior Lecturer
Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Visiting Assistant Professor
Associate Director of ATEC
Clinical Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor & Associate Director for the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering


  • Instructors
Mona Kasra
Teaching Assistant
Barbara Vance
Visiting Assistant Professor


  • Advisors
Ellen Curtis
ATEC & EMAC Graduate Advisor
ATC 3.609
Kristi Taylor
ATEC & EMAC Undergraduate Advisor (A-G)
Tessa Thibodeau
ATEC & EMAC Undergraduate Advisor (H-Ph)


  • Administrators
Tara Lewis
Assistant Dean of Arts and Humanities