Misty Hawley

The EMAC program offers a really good foundation for people trying to go into the rapidly evolving world of media. Technology has changed so much and the program realizes the importance of student knowledge advancing along with it. Social media and online technology are ubiquitous and necessary parts of the information process. Finding new ways to streamline information and share it is what gives the program life. EMAC offers students a look at the old and the new and helps them discover advanced ways to mix both. In this area of study, students are more than just a number. They are the focus and the heart of everything the program and the professors are trying to achieve. Critical thinking is not only expected, it's paramount.

About Misty:

Misty completed her B.A. at University of North Texas as a double major in broadcast journalism and political science. After 12 years as a TV producer, she became the Assistant Director of Student Media at UT Dallas in December 2010. Just six months into her new position, Misty began seeing media with a fresh set of eyes- those of her students. She quickly realized that traditional methods of broadcasting and programming weren't as efficient in the new media landscape. Misty then decided to enroll in the MA program in EMAC to study the industry from the perspective of new media. From her first class in Fall 2011 to the last class of Fall 2013, every course has brought invaluable information that she is able to not only share with her students but also her peers. Working with her students at Radio UTD and UTD TV has reaffirmed her decision to enroll in the EMAC program because it allows her to put the information attained in class into practical use every day.

Projects I've worked on:

Assistant Director of Student Media

My Plans:

Mentor and guide broadcast students at University of Texas at Dallas


The best tips I can offer are to know yourself, get organized and fail. It seems like an odd combination but if you don't know yourself, how can you set goals or fully achieve anything? Knowing yourself includes learning your strengths and applying them to improve your situations. Learn your weaknesses and overcome them. College is a great time to focus on making yourself a better person and growing. There will be some setbacks. You can't be perfect at everything. It's through these failures that you gain strength and learn how to overcome adversity.



Home Town

Gladewater, TX

Graduation Date

Fall 2013