Brandon McFadden

From managing social media campaigns for national film releases, to working with some of the largest radio stations in the country developing websites to give new life to "old media", to now occupying my place on Wall Street with Betterment, nothing prepared me like my courses in EMAC. The team centrist attitude and a dedication to learning not just your major, but a forced expansion of your skills, has provided me with a unique skillset that is in high demand. Whether I'm working with our development teams to build a new feature, UX team to optimize our interface or talking with our clients to research what they need next, I draw from my days in the EMAC program.

About Brandon:

After graduating, Brandon moved to New York where he used skills and knowledge he learned in EMAC courses to work first in film and radio, and now on Wall Street with Betterment. At Betterment, he is now part of the product development team for what has been called "New York's most disruptive startup." Originally a Business major, Brandon switched programs after taking an elective and learning that the EMAC program would allow him to pursue his goals.