Jenny Mizutowicz

Merely knowing how to use social media no longer gives anyone a competitive edge in digital marketing, as newer generations are immersed with social media at an early age. As a student in the EMAC program, I was able to explore media theory to understand how society has communicated historically, how media has evolved and what the implications are for marketing professionals. "Getting social media" involves more than just knowing how to Tweet and post to Facebook.

About Jenny:

After graduating with a master's from the EMAC program, Jenny went to work at the Richardson Chamber of Commerce as the resident social media expert. In addition to using social media to market Richardson, she also serves as a resource for member companies interested in implementing social media into their marketing strategies. She writes a social media column in the monthly e-newsletter and teaches courses on effectively marketing small businesses via social media to local businesses. In addition to social media, her job includes conducting economic development research, developing marketing and strategic plans, updating and providing content for the website and newsletters, managing four Chamber committees, planning events and identifying innovative advertising opportunities.