Sydnie Montgomery

One of the things I learned in EMAC is what happens to text once it is out of print books. Having studied film and how to craft a narrative, this transition is happening to more than just text now which makes manipulating a narrative much easier. I don't know if I would have ever been made aware of this manipulation had I not studied EMAC and having your eyes opened to a hazard innately makes you want to help others avoid it.

About Sydnie:

Sydnie got her BFA in Fine Art Film at University of Texas at Arlington. She came to UT Dallas to pursue graduate studies in Emerging Media and Communication because she was intrigued by the EMAC program description that promised she would get to study how technology affects communication. In her capstone project, she partnered with fellow students to launch "Love Black Project" which is "an intellectual investigation into the social and cultural issues that define the black experience." Having graduated in Spring 2012, she is now pursuing a TX teacher's certification to become a high school art teacher. She credits EMAC with helping her to understand the way that narrative has moved from analog to digital environments and with helping to develop her awareness of how narrative operates within larger social and power structures.

My Plans:

She is currently pursuing a TX teacher's certification to become a high school art teacher. Long term, Sydnie plans to pursue a PhD in Sociology or a related field. Her research interests center on the intersection of socioeconomic status and race on the Internet. She is hoping to explore ways that digital technologies can challenge racism and class discrimination.


- If it sounds interesting, take the class.
- Don't complain if it doesn't come out exactly how you thought it would. Enjoy it for what it is.
- It might seem impossible at first. It isn't.
- Don't immediately think you won't like what you are reading. Wait until you get to the end of it. (I thought I was going to hate Foucault. I ended up really liking him.)
- Never stop being curious. That's the root of learning.



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Love Black Project

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Garland, TX

Graduation Date

May 2012