Amy Pickup

The UTD EMAC program provided a phenomenal environment that fostered both my creative energy alongside my traditionally more technical habits. It is rare to find a program so intimate that enables you to work closely with both peers and professors. Being surrounded by creative and intelligent individuals pushed me to work harder, learn faster and produce some really kick-a*$ projects.

About Amy:

Through grad school, Amy worked in Client Facing Technology at JP Morgan in Dallas, focusing on risk and web development. In May 2012, after graduating with an MA in EMAC, she transitioned to a more fitting role in NYC. Amy now manages one track of the Expert Engineer training program at JP Morgan, while working to both analyze and improve their current feedback metrics collection methodology. She is also starting up a new techie webcast series highlighting new technology within the firm. With the recent move, she is looking to expand what was once an EMAC capstone project, Etiquette Creative, into a main volunteer "side-hustle." Amy formed Etiquette Creative in Dallas with the goal of getting girls interested in art and technology. By working with other like-minded ladies and gentlemen, they were able to organize workshops for girls teaching them about coding, electronics and sewing using the lilypad arduino to make electronic fashion.