Joe Posada

Being able to learn the theories behind social media and how it really works is a very important tool that has allowed EMAC students to gain an edge when working out in the real world.

About Joe:

Joe, a native of Dallas, is a senior in the EMAC program. For the past two years, he has been a high school mentor with the Department of Community Engagement, and has been able to incorporate his EMAC knowledge into his work as a mentor. As he took his first class in the EMAC program, he realized this new degree would allow him to intertwine his education with his passion for encouraging students to higher education. Joe states, "Being able to understand how facebook, twitter, blogs, and other online tools work, equips me to be able to better target my high school students. In the end, I'm also able to teach them how having a positive online presence helps them promote themselves to schools and business that he or she may be interested in." Joe has visions of applying for the fast track program to complete an EMAC master's degree in order to further his knowledge. After completing a master's degree, he would like to give back to his high school and local community. "I've come to realize that EMAC is giving me the necessary tools not only to become successful in school and in work, but also giving me the ability to share my knowledge and aid students in their search for higher education."

After graduating with his BA in EMAC in Spring 2013, Joe accepted a position as a recruiter for the University of North Texas where he works for both the Admissions Office and The Office of Outreach. His outreach area of specialty is Underrepresented Populations. Joe travels to college fairs all over DFW, The Valley, and El Paso and is passionate about working with students who grew up in neighborhoods, and faced challenges, similar to his own. His focus is on not just recruitment, but also retention strategies, ensuring that students enroll, succeed, and stay in college. He is already putting the work and experience from his EMAC capstone to good use as he is partnering with another recruiter to develop a proposal to increase UNT's online mentoring and recruiting. Joe says his capstone project is helping him draft this proposal because he is able to connect higher education and social media tools. He hopes that the proposal moves forward and he has the opportunity to display his capstone as a model for how universities can utilize social media more efficiently.


Home Town

Dallas, TX