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Transfer Credit

UT Dallas undergraduate applicants who have previously taken college credit courses, beyond high school graduation (excluding the summer following high school graduation), at other institutions of higher education will be reviewed for admission as transfer students. UT Dallas may accept academic post-secondary coursework that has been completed with a grade of C or better.

The University does not grant credit for nonacademic course work, such as vocational, developmental or remedial studies, nor does it grant credit for prior experiential learning. Course work that is accepted for transfer credit is applicable toward satisfying requirements for a specific UT Dallas major according to the same criteria as those used for equivalent UT Dallas courses.

Prospective transfer students from community colleges should refer to the UT Dallas Transfer Guides, available at community college counseling offices and at the UT Dallas Office of Enrollment Services, in order to obtain information about curricula appropriate to the various UT Dallas majors. Students may also consult for course transfer information and degree plans.

As soon as an application for admission—including transcripts, application fee and any required test scores—has been received, an undergraduate advisor, in consultation with the relevant school's associate dean, will determine how the transfer credits apply to UT Dallas graduation requirements. Students are urged to contact their advising office upon their admission to UT Dallas. Find your academic advisor.

Transfer Credit Guidelines

UT Dallas operates on a semester system, and all transfer credits will be converted to semester hours. Further information regarding program prerequisites and curricula appropriate to the various UT Dallas majors is available through the UT Dallas catalog.

Credits for College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) will be awarded after admission but cannot be considered as transferable credit for the purpose of admission decisions. For more information, visit the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Reviewed Admission
Students with test scores or class ranks outside the assured admission range may be eligible for admission upon individual review. Reviewed admission applicants are encouraged to respond to the essay topic on the Texas Common Application.

Reviewed admission decisions are based on the applicant's composite achievement profile, including

  • High school class rank and GPA
  • Strength of academic preparation, including the number of courses taken, such as honors, advanced placement (AP), international baccalaureate (IB)
  • SAT I or ACT scores
  • Record of achievements, honors and awards
  • Special accomplishments, work and service, both in and outside of school
  • The essay topic, with emphasis on explanation of the details of the context of achievements
  • Special circumstances that put academic achievements in context

Written recommendations are suggested but not required and can be helpful for students seeking admission on review or for students desiring fullest consideration for merit or merit/need-based scholarships.

Applicants must have graduated from an accredited high school or satisfied equal requirements and should have completed the Recommended High School Program.

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