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The New Student A to Z Guide


Academic Advising

Freshmen are required to visit their advisers to sign up for classes. Advisers are available for all schools of study and are essential in charting the course toward your degree at UT Dallas. Advisers plan out coursework and answer questions students have. Make sure you know who your adviser is and visit him or her often. To find out who your adviser is, see the undergraduate or the graduate adviser listing.

Activity Center

The Activity Center houses a workout gym, four racquetball courts, two squash courts, four basketball gyms, a 25-yard swimming pool and a multipurpose room. In addition, activities such as intramural sports take place at the Activity Center. Certification courses such as CPR are offered throughout the year. To contact the Activity Center, call 972-883-2090.



The Bookstore stocks all required textbooks, software, school supplies and UT Dallas gear. It buys back used books after you’re done with them. The Bookstore also sells class rings and graduation regaliza. To contact the Bookstore, call 972-883-2665.

Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office is where you pay tuition and other fees assessed by the university. The Parking Office is located at the Bursar’s Office in the new Student Services building. Students can buy parking tags and pay tickets at the location. To contact the Bursar’s Office, call 972-883-2612.

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Career Center

The Career Center offers career advice, planning and counseling. It provides services such as resume and cover letter reviews, career workshops and an online job search database. The Career Center can assist students in finding internships during the school year or summer. It is located in the new Student Services building. To contact the Career Center, call 972-883-2943.


An online recruiting system, UT Dallas CareerWorks is the Career Center’s online recruiting system. Job postings, on-campus interview schedules and career events such as seminars and career expos can be found using this system.

Club Sports

The Club Sports Program consists of student organizations established to promote and develop common sports and/or recreation-related interests. Each club has been founded, organized, managed and maintained by volunteer student leaders. Some sports offered include Fencing, Ju-Jutsu and Ultimate Frisbee. To contact Club Sports, call 972-883-6306.

Collegium V Honors Program

Collegium V is the UT Dallas honors program, designed to enhance the quality of education among the students. Honors classes, available to honors students only, are smaller and encourage more discussion and interaction among the students and faculty.

Comet Calendar

This university calendar includes a growing list of athletic and student activities, as well as important academic dates. All events can be downloaded to your personal calendar and emailed to friends.

Comet Card

The Comet Card is UT Dallas’s student ID. All students are required to have one, and it can be picked up at the Comet Center with proof of ID and UT Dallas registration. Students can put money on their Comet Card to pay for food, printing and other services on campus. Residence hall tenants also use it as a building access card.

Comet Center

The Comet Center is located on the upper level of the Student Union next to the Comet Café. At the Comet Center students can pick up their Comet Card, purchase discounted passes to events, access free notary services, purchase stamps and reload their Comet Card. Students can also report their Comet Card missing at this location. To contact the Comet Center, call 972-883-2495.

Computer Labs

UT Dallas provides several computer labs on campus for student use and you must have a NetID to log on. A variety of software is available such as Microsoft Office, MATLAB and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is free to all registered students for individual, group, alcohol/drug counseling and more. All counseling is done by licensed psychologists and counselors and is completely confidential. The Counseling Center is located in the new Student Services building. To contact the Counseling Center, call 972-883-2575.

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Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office provides leadership in the development, overall management and supervision of student services and programs. The office also serves as an information/referral source for students needing assistance with any situation. The Dean of Student’s office is located in the new Student Services building. To contact the Dean of Students, call 972-883-6391.

Dining Hall

Opened fall 2009, the UT Dallas Dining hall offers buffet-style dining to students.

Disability Services See Student AccessAbility

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A web-based student service, eLearning allows students to communicate with instructors and classmates. eLearning lists all classes the student is enrolled in, and depending on the professor, eLearning may include the class’ syllabus, grades, class notes and post questions between classmates.

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Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office coordinates all the assistance programs designed to help defray the costs of college. If you need grants, loans, scholarships or work-study opportunities, the Financial Aid counselors help you through the process. They are located in the new Student Services building. To contact the Financial Aid Office, call 972-883-2941.

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Greek Life

A fraternity or sorority can help you throughout your years at UT Dallas and beyond. These organizations seek to provide you with friendship and guidance that will follow you far beyond your college years. To contact Greek Life, call 972-883-2946.

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Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides health education and preventative medicine to students. The licensed staff, including a doctor can treat and care for minor illnesses. The Student Health Center is located in the new Student Services building. To contact the Student Health Center, call 972-883-2747.

Student Health Insurance

The UT Dallas Student Health Insurance Office, located in the Student Services building within the Student Health Center, provides confidential health insurance advising services for UT Dallas students. Health insurance is available to all students at UT Dallas. For information on Student Health insurance, call 972-883-2747.

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International Education, Office of

The Office of International Education (OIE) helps students who want to study abroad. OIE can tell you about the numerous programs, scholarships and places where you can study. You can earn credit hours while learning in a unique environment and get the chance to absorb a culture that inspires you. To contact OIE call 972-883-4715.

International Student Services

The Office of International Student Services (ISSO) provides international student programs, student health insurance services and advising. The staff also gives support services, resources and educational programs for international students. One of the main services is providing immigration information through seminars and individual consultations. Located in the new Student Services building, contact ISSO at 972-883-4189.

Intramural Sports

The intramural sports program is set up to provide all students at UT Dallas with a chance to participate in sports. Flag football is the most popular, but other intramurals include: basketball, mini golf, 8-on-8 soccer, racquetball, bowling and more. To contact Intramural Sports, call 972-883-4087.

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The McDermott Library

Currently, The McDermott Library houses many different offices. A copy center, media labs and math labs are also located here. You may check out a computer or go to the computer lab. Your Comet Card serves as your library card. The library has videos, DVDs and other CD materials for viewing. The library website contains numerous databases and catalogs. To contact The McDermott Library, call 972-883-2955.

Love Jack

The 10-foot-tall steel "Jack" — created by American modernist sculptor Jim Love — came to UT Dallas in 1976. Nestled between the Visual Arts Studio and the Erik Jonsson Academic Center, "Jack" was immediately dubbed Love Jack by admiring students, and the name has endured.

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The UTD Mercury

The award-winning student newspaper of UT Dallas, The UTD Mercury, publishes bi-weekly on Mondays throughout the school year. Covering everything from hard news to the latest UT Dallas sports, The UTD Mercury keeps students informed. For more information on writing, advertising sales, photography, editing, web design and page design, visit the newsroom in the Student Union or call 972-883-2286.

Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center celebrates diversity through its mission to provide quality cultural programs, educational resources and support services to the multicultural community. Some of the events throughout the year include Juneteenth, the Asian-American Heritage Series, Hispanic Heritage Month, Diversity Dialogue and Passport to the World, allowing students to “travel the world” from booth to booth experiencing foods and customs. The Multicultural Center is located in the new Student Services building. To contact the Multicultural Center, call 972-883-6390.

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Net ID

Every student needs a NetID to access university email, eLearning, UNIX and CAMPUS servers.

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Orientation Team Mentors

The Orientation Team Mentors (OTMs) are UT Dallas students selected to work at freshman orientations, Comet Camp and various conferences to help incoming students become acclimated to university life. They organize Comet Camp, Success Camp and fall programming such as Road Warriors and the Emerging Leader Program. They are also available to answer questions concerning personal or academic issues. To contact the OTMs, call 972-883-6151.


Orion is the official student information system and provides students a centralized source for reviewing their schedule and grades, registering for classes, and monitoring their financial aid.

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Campus parking permits may be purchased online.  Students residing in campus housing must purchase a red resident parking permit for their car or motorcycle. Complete campus parking information and regulations are available on the Parking & Transportation Services website.


UT Dallas has a police force that patrols the University 24 hours a day. UT Dallas Police also engraves bicycles, teaches self-defense classes and walks students to their car or residence.They also offer informational seminars on alcohol and drug safety for student organizations. To contact the police, call 972-883-2222.

The Pub

A restaurant on campus located on the upper level of the Student Union, The Pub resembles a sports bar; you can have a burger, play some pool, watch TV and order Starbucks. The Pub also hosts a variety of events, such as SUAAB’s Underground Poetry Circus and late-night movies. The Pub also has an outdoor patio and serves beer and wine but has a limit of two drinks per person.

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Radio UTD

Looking for music that you never hear on commercial radio? UT Dallas’s student-run radio station Radio UTD is broadcast over the internet through the fall and spring semesters and streams radio 24/7. The programming schedule and DJ applications are also available on the site. Radio UTD accepts requests by phone or AIM chat. To contact Radio UTD, call 972-883-6305, or AIM: I Am Radio UTD.

Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports provides UT Dallas with recreational programs and manages the Activity Center. In addition to the Activity Center, Recreational Sports oversees outdoor basketball, sand volleyball, soccer, tennis, softball and baseball. To contact Rec Sports, call 972-883-2096.

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Student AccessAbility

The Office of Student AccessAbility works to provide qualified students with documented disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in the educational, recreational and social opportunities at UT Dallas. To contact Student AccessAbility, call 972-883-2098.

Student Government

Student Government (SG) is the official representative body and voice of UT Dallas students. Students have the opportunity to participate in SG through committee appointments, running for office or by voting in elections. Students are also able to attend SG meetings every two weeks during fall and spring semesters, and once a month during the summer.

Student Government provides many free services for students including legal counsel services, an online book exchange, and a Student Business Alliance that offers discounts for students at participating area businesses.

Student Patrol

The Student Patrol is a group of students organized by the UT Dallas police department and made up of students. They patrol the campus and staff the information booth, ensuring visitors receive information and temporary parking passes.

Student Services Building (SSB)

This space holds virtually all the departments that current students—and prospective students and their families—will need during the course of their relationship with the University, including: 

Other departments and offices in the Student Services Building include:

Student Union

The Student Union (SU) is the place for students to hang out, grab a bite to eat and relax. The Union is open seven days a week. It includes a TV lounge, study lounge, six pool tables, two ping pong tables, a video arcade, the Comet Café, The Pub and an array of rooms that can be reserved for organization meetings.

Student Wellness Center

The mission of the UT Dallas Student Wellness Center is to promote health, fitness and responsible personal choices among our students through educational programs, resources and individual consultations. We offer a variety of programs and resources to UT Dallas students.


The Student Union and Activities Advisory Board (SUAAB) hosts a large portion of student activities on campus. SUAAB has hosted the Murder Mystery Dinner, Springapalooza and Texas Independence Day among other free seasonal events for students. To contact SUAAB call 972-883-6438.

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Pronounced TEE-mock, the official name of UT Dallas’s fiery-headed mascot was adopted by SG in fall 2002 after the original name ‘Blaze’ was discovered to have been copyrighted by another organization. If you’re wondering about the inspiration for the mysterious moniker, it’s Comet spelled backwards.


The University Parking & Transportation Services operates the Comet Cruiser bus service providing transportation through campus to nearby residential areas and connecting to DART regional bus and light rail transit services.  The Cruiser operates as DART Route 883 providing service six days a week throughout the calendar year. No pass, ID or fare is required to board the Cruiser. Route maps, schedules and links to DART service information are available on the website.  All enrolled students are eligible to receive a DART Transit Pass providing access to all DART bus and rail services at no cost.  Information about the DART pass program and applications for the pass are available on the Transit Pass website.

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State law requires all entering college students to submit proof of vaccination against bacterial meningitis. Students will not be able to enroll for the spring 2012 semester until they have provided acceptable documentation of vaccination or booster.


The speed limit is 20 mph on most roads within campus. Speeding tickets are issued by campus police and may be appealed through the police website. All cars must either obtain a visitor’s pass or a parking pass through the Bursar Office.

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Women’s Center

The Galerstein Women's Center has events and programs throughout the year and is designed to provide an open and encouraging environment for women, and offers professional counseling for students, staff and faculty. Contact the Women's Center in the new Student Services Building at 972-883-6555.

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Catching Zs

Sometimes sleep is the first thing to be sacrificed when mid-terms or finals roll around, but if you’re enterprising you can find a few comfortable spots to snooze on campus. There are lounges on the first and second floors of the Student Union that are generally quiet and comfortable.

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