Terrorism and Policy Conference - 2014


Argov, Noam and Navin Bapat, “Terrorism and the Consolidation of Africa’s States" with online Appendix

Berrebi, Claude and Jordan Ostwald, “Terrorism and Fertility:  Evidence for a Causal Influence of Terrorism on Fertility”

Blomberg, S. Brock and Oana Tocoian, "Terrorism  and Arms Trade:  Global Tensions Warming with Cold War Customers”  

Carter, David B., “Territoriality, Non-State Actors and Military Strategy” 

Choi, Seung-Whan, “Economic Growth and Terrorism:  Domestic, International, and Suicide”

Dreher, Axel, Merle Kreibaum, and Dominik Noe, “Weapons of Choice”

Egger, Peter and Martin Gassebner, “International Terrorism as a Trade Impediment?” with online Appendix


Enders, Walter, Gary A. Hoover, and Todd Sandler, “The Changing Nonlinear Relationship between Income and Terrorism”


Gaibulloev, Khusrav, “Terrorist Group Location Decision:  An Empirical Investigation,” with online Appendix

Gardeazabal, Javier and Todd Sandler, “INTERPOL’s Surveillance Network in Curbing Transnational Terrorism” with online Appendix

Gries, Thomas, Daniel Meierrieks, and Margarete Redlin, “Oppressive Governments, Dependence on the United States and Anti-American Terrorism”

Kaplan, Edward H., “Terror Queue Staffing Models”

Meierrieks, Daniel and Tim Krieger, “The Roots of Islamist Armed Struggle”

Piazza, James, “The Determinants of Domestic Right-Wing Terrorism in the United States:  Economic Grievance, Societal Change and Political Resentment”

Younas, Javed “Does Globalization Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Terrorism on Output and Growth”