Political Violence and Policy Conference - 2016


Berrebi, Claude and Hanan Yonah, Hebrew University, Terrorism and philanthropy:  The effect of terror attacks on the scope of giving by individuals and households

Bezerra, Paul and Alex Braithwaite, University of Arizona, Locating foreign aid commitments in response to political violence

Coggins, Bridget L., University of California, Santa Barbara, Terrorism substitution and unintended consequences:  International incentives and civil war intensity

Daxecker, Ursula E. and Brandon Prins, University of Amsterdam and University of Tennessee, The politicization of crime:  Elections and maritime piracy in Indonesia

Findley, Michael, Kyosuke Kikuta, and Joseph Young, University of Texas at Austin and American University (Young), Spoiling peace agreements after civil war:  A synthetic control approach applied to Nicaragua

Gaibulloev, Khusrav and Todd Sandler, American University of Sharjah and University of Texas at Dallas, Decentralization, institutions, and maritime piracy

Gaibulloev, Khusrav and Javed Younas, American University of Sharjah, Conflicts and domestic bank lending

Echevarria, Jon and Javier Gardeazabal, University of the Basque Country, Refugee gravitation towards asylum

Gassebner, Martin, Jerg Gutmann, and Stefan Voigt, Leibniz University Hannover (Gassebner) and University of Hamburg (Gutman and Voigt), When to expect a military coup?  An extreme bounds analysis

George, Justin, University of Texas at Dallas, Failed states and transnational terrorism: An empirical analysis

Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede and Sara M.T. Polo, University of Essex and Rice University, Ethnic inclusion, democracy, and terrorism

Arvanitidas, Paschalis, Athina Economou, and Christos Kollias, University of Thessaly, Terrorism's effects on social capital in European countries

Neumayer, Eric and Thomas Plümper, LSE and Vienna University of Economics and Business, Spatial spill-overs  from terrorism:  Western victims in Islamic destination countries

Phillips, Brian J., CIDE Mexico, How do economic sanctions affect terrorist groups?  A look at the Foreign Terrorist Organization list

Piazza, James A., Pennsylvania State University, Oil and terrorism: An investigation of mediators

D'Orazio, Vito and Idean Salehyan, University of Texas at Dallas, Who is a terrorist?  Ethnicity, group affiliation, and Understandings of Political Violence

Nair, Gautam, and Nicholas Sambanis, Yale University, Violence Exposure and Ethnic Identification:  Evidence from Kashmir

Note: boldface indicates conference attendee and presenter