Archer Center Info Session Slated for Sept. 17

On Tuesday, September 17, the UT System's Archer Center will host two information sessions in the Collegium V Lounge Library at UT Dallas. The sessions at 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm will introduce students to the Center's Archer Fellowship Program, in which undergraduate and graduate students from the UT System can spend a semester in Washington D.C.

Dr. Donald Arbuckle, Clinical Professor of Public Affairs at UT Dallas, played a crucial role in expanding the Archer Program to graduate students and had the following to say about the upcoming event:

“The Archer Fellowship Program in Washington D.C. can be a life changing experience. It immerses both undergraduates and grad students in the frantic, extraordinary policy-making world of Washington D.C., the nation's political capital and one of the world's great cities. If you are interested in fame, you go to LA. If you are interested in money, you go to Wall Street. If you are interested in policy and politics, you go to Washington, D.C.”

“Over the past ten years, during the fall and spring semesters, UT Dallas undergrads have been selected for this prestigious fellowship. Over the past four years, UT Dallas graduate students have participated in the Archer Graduate Summer Fellowship Program. All these students have spent a stimulating 12 weeks in Washington working in a government related office, participating in the policy making process, and experiencing the spectacularly messy process by which theories of governance are translated into government practice. They emerge with one of the richest educational experiences of their lives. In the case of the graduate fellows, each summer several students have been so infected with ‘Potomac Fever;’ they have stayed in Washington or been offered jobs after their graduation.”

“The Archer Program brings UT System students to Washington through a competitive selection process. UT Dallas students compete strongly with the best students from the many other UT campuses. UT Austin may have a big-time football team, but they have no lock on smart, talented students. Come to the information session on Tuesday to hear more about the Archer Program and how you can apply.”