MPA Student Jeffrey Bryan Wins "Best Paper" Award

Congratulations to Jeffrey Bryan, a Masters of Public Affairs (MPA) student, who won "Best Student Paper Award" for the Case Study: Policy Management in Seoul’s 2012 Seoul Field Trip. His paper was entitled, "Seoul Metropolitan Transportation System: An Analytical Look at the Transportation System in Seoul, South Korea." Bryan’s award included a $250 cash prize.

UT Dallas students annually attend the field trip in Seoul as part of a course offered by Dr. Doug Goodman. MPA and PhD students interested are welcome to apply. This year’s students attended with other MPA and public policy/administration graduate students from Rutgers University and The University of Georgia.

Bryan’s paper analyzed the transportation system of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and offered suggestions and recommendations on ways to improve the system. He shared, "I became interested in the Seoul Transportation System after spending some time in the city and witnessing the crowded traffic conditions. The city of Seoul continues to experience a population boom, and the transportation system is severally strained."

Some of Bryan’s suggestions included development of one-way streets in the downtown area, the addition of bike lanes, incentives and training for bus drivers, increased bike parking at subway stations, red light enforcement cameras, and the addition of parking enforcement officers. "The suggestions are intended to provoke thought in ways to maximize the current system using ideas and policies found in urban transportation systems throughout the U.S.," said Bryan.


Bryan (far right) explores Seoul with Dr. Goodman (second from left) other Field Trip attendees.