Green Hall Renovations Underway

Students with classes in Green Hall will notice more than a few changes now that renovations are underway. Green Hall was one of the first buildings built on the UT Dallas campus.

The biggest and most notable changes will involve the pit found in Green Hall's atrium. First, the open stairway in the atrium will be removed. To help compensate for this change, workers will replace the doors to the west stairway with doors that will remain open except during fire alarms. Since the west stairway is expected to bear most of the traffic from the old stairway in the atrium, these doors will help maintain the smooth flow of foot traffic.

At the same time, the pit in the Green Hall atrium will be renovated. Administrators plan to install tables and desks that will boost seating and provide charging stations for more than twenty students.

These renovations will start over Winter Break alongside an extensive landscaping project on the north end of the mall just outside Green Hall. If construction progresses smoothly, administrators expect the renovation of Green Hall to be completed by the time classes resume in January.

Though administrators acknowledge that the construction may cause some minor inconveniences, they encourage students and faculty alike to look forward to the final results as UT Dallas continues to expand and improve.