Criminology Degrees

“Because the criminology program is relatively new, we, as students, have many opportunities to shape the direction of the program and to work with a number of renowned criminologists. I've been a graduate student in the program for two years and consider it an incredible experience!”
— Amanda Russell

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BA – Criminology

Students pursuing a bachelor's of arts in criminology examine the causes and consequences of crime and crime control policies through a study that involves a variety of approaches, perspectives, and social disciplines. Graduates pursue career paths in law enforcement, victim advocacy, crime scene investigation, with local, state and federal justice agencies.

MS – Criminology

The criminology master's degree program provides a multidisciplinary mix of theoretical and applied research and delivers a high-quality education on the etiology, control and variation of crime across space and time. The program also serves local, regional and national communities through professional development programs, public policy analysis and evaluation research, and program and policy design. It also offers a forum for new ideas and approaches to the study of crime. Graduates pursue analytic, managerial and research positions in various sectors of the criminal justice system.

MS – Criminology (Online)

The fully online Master of Science (MS) in Criminology has been developed with working professionals in mind. The degree offers students the convenience of completing course work on their own schedules. The online degree parallels UT Dallas' traditional MS in Criminology, but without the requirement that students attend on campus.

Executive MS – Justice Administration and Leadership

The Executive Master of Science in Justice Administration and Leadership (MSJAL) is housed in the Department of Criminology and provides students with a coherent and intellectually challenging degree that prepares a new generation of leaders to manage and administer justice and other social service organizations. The program will deliver an innovative and integrated curriculum that connects such key components of leadership and administration in the justice setting as policy implementation and analysis, organizational behavior and change, planning and decision-making, and legal issues and conflict resolution to prepare students for supervisory and executive positions.

PhD – Criminology

The doctoral program in criminology is an interdisciplinary, research-oriented program that emphasizes theories of criminal behavior, research methodologies in criminology, and society's response to crime. Doctoral students graduate prepared for an academic, analytical or administrative appointment as a university professor or manager of research and development within a criminal justice organization, policy institution or in the private sector.