Economics Job Market Candidates

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Professor Daniel G. Arce
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2013 - 2014   Job Market Candidates

Ahmed Alzahrani

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Dissertation: Exchange Rate Prediction under Model Uncertainty
JMP: Exchange Rate Forecasting under Model Uncertainty
Research Interests: International Finance, Empirical Macroeconomics, & Applied Econometrics
Advisor: Donggyu Sul

Minwook Ha

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Dissertation: Three Essays in Factor Analysis
JMP 1: Uncovered Interest Parity and Global Risk Premium
JMP 2: The Effect of Behavioral and Attitudinal Factors on Electricity Consumption of Low-Income

Research Interests: International Finance, Energy Economics and Econometrics
Advisor: Donggyu Sul and James Murdoch

Malcolm Kass

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Dissertation: Conflict and Conflict Resolution between Organizations
JMP: Effects of Endogenous Selection on Pro-social Behavior
Research Interests: Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics and Conflict Resolution
Advisor: Daniel G. Arce

Jianning Kong

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JMP 1: Treatment Effect Estimation under Multiple Equilibria in Repeated Public Good Games
JMP 2: Empirical Evidence of Multiple Equilibria in Repeated Public Good Experiments
Research Interests: Econometrics, Behavioral & Experimental Economics and Public Economics.
Advisor: Donggyu Sul

Ericka Scherenberg Farret

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Dissertation: Three Essays on Incentives and Motivation among Workers
JMP: A Finite Mixture Model of Behavior in a Three-Person Trust Game
Research Interests: Labor Economics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics,
Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics.
Advisor: Daniel G. Arce

Jason Parker

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Dissertation: New Methods in Common Factor Modeling and Experimetrics
JMP 1: Heavy Traffic: Determination of Homicide Rates across the 50 United States
JMP 2: Identification of Unknown Common Factors: Leaders and Followers
Research Interests: Panel Data Econometrics and Economics on Crime Applied Microeconomics.
Advisor: Donggyu Sul

Shengzhe Wang

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Research Interests: Experimental Economics, Spatial Economics Applied Econometrics
Advisor: Xin Li