PhD Graduates in Geospatial Sciences

Mofareh Dhayem Qoradi (Fall 2014)
"GIS-Based Cartographic Design: Development and Evaluation of the Tourism Symbols of the National Park Service (NPS) and Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA)"
Lecturer, King Saud University
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Fernando Jose Mendoza Jara (Fall 2014)
"A Forest Optimization Model to Reduce the Risk of Hurricane Damage in Eastern Nicaragua"
Professor, National Agrarian University
Professors: Denis J. Dean & Michael Tiefelsdorf

Parmanand Sinha (Fall 2014)
"Modeling Land Use Change Using Eigenvector Spatial Filtering Specification And Sprawl Measures: A Case Study Of Collin County, Texas"
Postdoctoral Research Associate at NSF-Census Research Network, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Professor: Daniel Griffith

Nicholas Knize (Fall 2013)
"Assessing the Impact of a Proposed Web2.0 Geospatial Information System for Improving the Decision-Making Process of Emergency Management and Incident Response Personnel"
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Scott Ellis Horn (Spring 2013)
"Finding Hidden Road Segments by Determining a Cost Surface from Visible Proximal Segments: Discovering the Limits of Dean's Approach"
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Harini Sridharan (Fall 2012)
"Object-Based Approaches to Image Classification for Hyperspatial and Hyperspectral Data"
Oakridge National Laboratory
Professor: Fang Qiu

Chien-Chou Chen (Spring 2012)
"Small Area Demand and Supply Estimation Accounting for Spatial Interaction Patterns: The Mismatch of Tobacco Sales and Customer Base within"
Senior Lecturer, The Univeristy of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Michael Tiefelsdorf

Jie Chang (Summer 2011)
"Segmentation-Based Filtering and Object-Based Feature Extraction from Airborne Lidar Point Cloud Data"
GIS Analyst, Enivronment System Research Institute (ESRI) - California
Professor: Fang Qiu

Bryan J. Chastain (Summer 2011)
"A Hybrid CA/MAS Model of Residential Burglary with AHP and GA-Based Calibration"
Senior Lecturer, The Univeristy of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Fang Qiu

Michelle D. Wurtz (Spring 2011)
"Recording a Vanishing History: Three-Dimensional Scanning of Petroglyphs at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada"
Department Manager, Cultural Resources, Geor-Marine, Inc., Plano - Texas
Professor: Carlos Aiken

Gene A. Feighny (Fall 2010)
"A Predictive Terrestrial Clutter Model for Ground-to-Ground Automated Target Detection Applications"
Research, GIS, Raytheon - Texas
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Melissa J. Rura (Fall 2010)
"Eigenvector Spatial Filtering for Image Analysis: An Efficient Algorithm"
Program Coordinator, United Methodist Neighborhood Centers of Memphis
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Caiyun Zhang (Fall 2010)
"Urban Forest Inventory Using Airborne Lidar Data and Hyperspectral Imagery"
Assistant Professor, GIS, Florida Atlantic University
Professor: Fang Qiu

Yan Li (Fall 2009)
"An Automated System for Image-to-Vector Georeferencing"
Senior GIS Analyst, City of Dallas - Texas
Professor: Ronald Briggs

Janis Schubert (Summer 2009)
"Incorporating Time and Daily Activities into an Analysis of Urban Violent Crime"
Postdoctoral Researcher, Sandia National Laboratories
Professor: Daniel Griffith