Diana Peck Borys

“Being able to rely on my education background from UT Dallas was critical in securing this position.”

Home: London, England

UT Dallas Degree: Master of Public Affairs
Profession: Senior Consultant, Hitachi Consulting UK (Organization Transformation Solutions)

My Work

After graduating from UT Dallas, I worked for Deloitte as a marketing associate for their technology, media and telecommunications industry. Then, I accepted a position with Hitachi Consulting US in 2008 as a senior consultant with their Organizational Transformation Solutions group.

My work is focused on organizational change management and organizational strategy and design, where I assess the change management needs of an organization undergoing a large, typically company-wide change and plan how to strategically address stakeholder needs to ensure a smooth transition.

Recently, I moved to London with my Polish husband and transferred to Hitachi Consulting’s UK office. Currently, I’m working with public agencies and colleges within the United Kingdom, helping them assess, develop and implement a five-year carbon reduction plan. I’m really enjoying this project as I'm finally able to put to use my knowledge of the public sector that I gained from the master’s program at UT Dallas.

The Value of My Degree

The selection process for my current project included an interview with a Carbon Trust director where I was heavily grilled on my experience with carbon reduction and public agencies. Having no real experience with carbon management, I focused on my education background in public affairs and the common roadblocks I expected to face as I attempted to implement changes associated with the carbon management program. Being able to rely on my education background from UT Dallas was critical in securing this position.

My EPPS Success

I am certain my success at EPPS can be contributed to two things: my fellow students and the opportunities UT Dallas put before me.

Having gone to a massively large university for my undergraduate degree, it was difficult for me to make the kind of connections with my fellow students who would push me to succeed. At UT Dallas, I saw many of my classmates in my other courses, which allowed me to make the kinds of connections I needed to truly take advantage of the program. I found friends and steady study partners that challenged me to do my best.

Starting my second year in the master’s program, I was presented with the opportunity to intern with the mayor of Dallas, Laura Miller. This happened to be in the fall of 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina. I cannot tell you the kind of experience that internship gave me. What an eye-opening experience! I learned what a city has to do to mobilize for a large influx of evacuees (25,000+), integrate these evacuees into life in Dallas, and how many people have to come together to make all of that happen. I’m so grateful for that opportunity and reference my experiences there often.

Advice for EPPS Students

Find a study group and stick with it. They will push you to exceed your own expectations. And keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to intern or integrate your current studies with real-world involvement. You only have life -changing experiences to gain!

Other Interests

Now that my husband and I are living in London, I like to travel or plan travel in my free time. I recently visited Marrakech (Morocco), will spend time in the English countryside for Thanksgiving and will travel to Budapest in December. Aside from traveling, I enjoy reading and cycling around London with my husband. Beautiful parks, buildings and monuments are around every corner and you can find some activity going on in every part of the city.


Posted November 2011