Geoff Barry

“The more your name is on people's lips, the more opportunities will magically float your way.”

Home: Dallas, Texas

UT Dallas Degree: BA - Political Science, Minor - Latin American Politics
Profession: Senior Policy Analyst/Consultant/Community Manager

My Work

While I'm moving into online community management, a good part of my career to date has been with CoreLogic, where I've been responsible for the development, deployment and administration of our Enterprise Corporate Community Relations infrastructure. That means I've managed our strategic grant pipeline, a sizeable budget, as well as laid out strategic plans with senior management for specific community objectives and employee programs. The most fun for me has come from leading national volunteer projects supporting our focus on financial literacy and housing. I've also had the chance to manage state-side response to emergency and disaster relief initiatives in the U.S., Haiti, Japan, India and Australia.

I also hold positions with a couple of nonprofits, including president of a group focused on social and economic equality in South and West Dallas. I'm particularly proud of being a Big Brother for the past four years.

Prior to my corporate giving work with CoreLogic, I spent time as a network engineer, a reporter for the UN Information Centre in DC, a multicultural peer advocate at UT Dallas and a designer for a political campaign software system.

The Value of My Degree

I'm a big believer in political science as a degree choice, not the least of which because of the analytical skills and diverse instruction this degree provided me in economics, statistics, theory and philosophy. The critical thinking and writing skills I developed have carried me much further than I thought possible within the corporate culture.

My EPPS Success

Having an advisor who knew my degree plan, knew my tendencies and was a good friend helped quite a bit and kept my academic choices focused. I was actually on academic probation for a semester because I goofed off too much, and probation required that I see my advisor every other week. This helped us engage more often on a variety of topics and, as he learned more about me, we were able to stay in sync on my specific needs within EPPS.

Advice for EPPS Students

It's easy to be in the "right place at the right time" if you're everywhere at once. This is just a different way of saying be involved in as much as you can. The more your name is on people's lips, the more opportunities will magically float your way. You need to keep up the intensity even more so after college because you'll have a lot more to distract you.

Other Interests

I enjoy mountain biking, with a healthy dose of writing and reading. I generally keep my nose in one fiction and one non-fiction book to stay balanced, and I write regularly both on personal projects and for my blog.


Posted August 2011