Rocky Miracle

“College is longer than eight seconds, but it doesn’t seem like it once it is over.”

Home: El Paso, Texas

UT Dallas Degree: MA - Political Economy
Profession: Senior Vice President – Corporate Planning & Development, El Paso Electric Company

My Work

Currently, I am responsible for IT, customer care, the development of power projects (including our renewable energy activities), coordination of power plant construction, project management and any merger and acquisition activity that may apply to El Paso Electric Company. I am fortunate to work with a group of very talented individuals, which allows me to experience a variety disciplines and initiatives.

The Value of My Degree

My degree provided opportunities. At the time I attended UT Dallas, the political economy program had an industrial regulation concentration, which provided me the tools to explore the economics and policy side of the industry. It also augmented my industry experience, undergraduate degree in finance from UT Austin and other graduate work.

My EPPS Success

The teaching assistants were an outstanding group of individuals. In the early days of the political economy program, many of the students were full time—and I was not one of them. There was an informal, but very effective network of full-time students. I was fortunate to be included in this network because I’m not sure how I could have juggled some of the quantitative requirements of the program while working almost 60-hour weeks without some guidance, and even words of encouragement.

Advice for EPPS Students

Don’t stop learning, because the only constant is change if you want to remain challenged. If you ever become comfortable in your work, it is time to seek out a new challenge. If you are inquisitive, care about how you help your peers and later, those you lead - it is a great ride. College is longer than eight seconds, but it doesn’t seem like it once it is over. (If you grew up on a farm or ranch as I did, you will understand this last sentence.)

Other Interests

At this time of my life, and with my schedule, sitting on the back porch with my wife, Sarah, while we enjoy an unobstructed view of the Franklin Mountains is how I enjoy spending my free time.


Posted September 2012