Stacey Maples

“Great faculty. Great facilities. Great curriculum.”

Home: New Haven, Connecticut

UT Dallas Degree: MS - Geographic Information Sciences
Profession: GIS Specialist and Instruction Coordinator, Yale University

My Work

I am Yale’s “Geospatial Swiss Army Knife.” My work includes teaching, fieldwork, research collaboration and maintenance of the Yale Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) IT Infrastructure. I have consulted and done fieldwork on projects as wide ranging as mapping beachgoers on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard to archaeological excavation mapping in Northeastern Syria. Most recently, I was invited to present work on mapping endangered languages at a meeting of language scholars at the University of Cambridge, U.K.

The Value of My Degree

We had fantastic faculty at UT Dallas when I was there and a wide range of theory, method and technical training included in the GIS program. That, and my experience as a teaching assistant for various GIS courses, left me well prepared for the wide range of applied GIS I needed to support my work at Yale.

My EPPS Success

Great faculty. Great facilities. Great curriculum.

Advice for EPPS Students

Eat, drink and sleep geostatistics. It’s the biggest hole in the current pool of qualified GIS specialists and researchers for academia.


Posted September 2012