Adam Ma

"Get to know other students, professors, and student organizations as your EPPS experience will take you much further than just the classroom."

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Current Academic Pursuit: MPA - Public Affairs
Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

  • UT Dallas Student Government Senator, 2013-2014
  • Student Government, Chair of Graduate & International Affairs Committee, Spring 2014
  • Student Government "Senator of the Month" November 2013
  • MPA Student Representative, MPA Program, EPPS, 2013-2014

Deciding on Public Affairs

I decided to major in Public Affairs/Administration because my 10 years working in the legislative and the government sector, it has shown me another side to public service. After receiving my B.A., I was given an opportunity to work for a Los Angeles City Council Member and two California State Senators, where I was able to practice policy, community services, and constituent services. In Public Affairs I will be able to apply what I have learned from UT Dallas and use it as an executive level in local, state and federal government, and other organizations. As a public administrator and a servant, I am concerned about government policies/programs and how it affects the public.

My EPPS Success

I strongly believe that EPPS and the MPA program develop strong successful professionals. The MPA Professors and Advisors create time to mentor, teach and answer all of our questions. Without my core of mentors (Professor Teodoro Benavides, Dr. Meghna Sabharwal, Dr. Doug Goodman, Advisor Nora Hernandez, and Ms. Briana Lemos) I probably would not be graduating this quickly after being accepted into the program in Spring 2013. Their guidance has helped me in my academics, campus activities, and my internship at Dallas City Hall. I thank them for my success at EPPS and at UT Dallas.

Plans for the Future

Before being accepted to UT Dallas, I was working for Senator Kevin de Leon from the California State Senate. He was gracious enough to allow me to further my education at UT Dallas. After graduation, I look forward to an opportunity to return and continuing working for Senator De Leon, but am also open to other possibilities with other local governments or elected officials.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

If you are interested in EPPS or the MPA program, please take advantage of visiting the campus and meeting with an Advisor or the MPA Director. Their door is always open! Get to know other students, professors, and student organizations as your EPPS experience will take you much further than just the classroom.

Other Interests

Currently, Student Government and Dallas City Hall have been keeping me really busy. When my partner and I have free time we like to hang with our friends, explore different places, and restaurants in Dallas. We also like to cook for friends and spend time with our "kids" Pepper, Muff'n and Tugger. I also cannot go a day without reading the Los Angeles Times, the Sacramento Bee, and Politico for the political gossip and news!