Addison Larson

"Make sure you take the time to identify your goals, plan out the steps to reach those goals, and reflect occasionally on the steps you have taken."

Hometown: Midland, Texas

Major: International Political Economy
Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

  • Dean's List
  • McDermott Library Student Advisory Group
  • Secretary of the College Panhellenic Council
  • Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Member
  • Collegium V

Deciding on International Political Economy

When I came to UT Dallas as a freshman, I studied mechanical engineering. However, I soon realized that I spent most of my time pouring effort and passion into my engineering ethics course. It was at that point that I began to pivot my focus toward the social sciences.

After a short conversation with Dr. Holmes, the Program Head of PPPE, I was completely committed to international political economy. As an IPE major, I can engage in comprehensive study of my target area with excellent professors, live and study in the Middle East, and finish my undergraduate degree at UT Dallas with documented proficiency in French and Arabic.

My EPPS Success

My success in EPPS can be directly attributed to my professors and the library. Professors in EPPS are all knowledgeable and passionate about their fields of research and committed to helping students reach their academic goals. However, learning is a two-way street, and I put forth a great deal of effort to make sure I take maximum benefit from lectures. As a result, I can often be found in the library looking for additional research materials, and I am constantly in search of ways to improve my research and writing skills.

Plans for the Future

After completing my undergraduate degree at UT Dallas, I intend to study urban planning and development with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa and to pursue a career in the same field.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

Never be afraid to visit a professor during office hours if you are curious about a topic covered in lecture or need clarification of a concept beyond the textbook and class content. Your professors are great sources of information, and those short conversations can eventually turn into valuable academic relationships that last throughout your college career. I have personally had much more success in the courses where I made sure to visit with and learn from my professors.

Make sure you take the time to identify your goals, plan out the steps to reach those goals, and reflect occasionally on the steps you have taken. Your goals can instill a sense of purpose and relevance to your college career. If you take charge of your experiences and personal standards, your time at UT Dallas will be positive and successful.

Other Interests

I love golf, backcountry skiing, landscape photography and backpacking. During my free time in Dallas, I enjoy watching the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, as well as exploring and photographing various neighborhoods in the Metroplex.