Morgan Derrick

"In addition to the wonderful education I received at UT Dallas, my time there greatly spurred my already serious interest in politics. While at UT Dallas, I led the College Republicans and dedicated a summer to Phil Gramm's campaign for re-election to the Senate. Booking political figures to come to campus, participating in the byzantine world of College Republicans at the state level, and helping to do research for a statewide campaign were important and crucial experiences in leadership training, practical campaign experience and being comfortable with public figures.

UT Dallas trained me to speak my mind and stand my ground. My time there helped me to realize the importance of standing up for what you believe and having confidence in yourself. My professors were very fair to those of all viewpoints, even as they challenged mine. It was a bit daunting at the time to challenge an accomplished professor in a packed lecture hall, but it was good practice for life! Good and humble leaders will tell you—as several have told me— 'yes men' do not serve their principal well. That is true in politics, business and in many other fields. In those times, it is important to stand your ground and give candid advice.

I appreciated attending UT Dallas, where there is an incredibly diverse student body. Some of my friends and co-workers at my on-campus job were from India or of Vietnamese descent. Other students had children of their own. This diversity was a daily reminder that there is a lot more to life than the next exam. I got to know and interact with those who were not exactly like me, focusing my attention on the big questions in life. Make the most of your time at UT Dallas. It is good practice for what lies ahead."

Derrick Morgan received a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Politics from the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at UT Dallas before graduating from the Georgetown University Law Center. He now works as Chief of Staff to President Ed Feulner of The Heritage Foundation, having worked for several government officials, including a congressman, two senators, a federal judge, and Vice President Richard B. Cheney. As a collegian, Morgan was active in College Republicans and helped a classmate run for Student Body President. He now lives in Falls Church, Virginia with his wife, Alyssa, and their three young sons.