Nina Barbieri

“Knowledge is something that can never be taken from you; gather up as much as you can.”

Hometown: Springfield, MA

Current Academic Pursuit: PhD - Criminology
Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

  • First Criminology graduate student to be accepted into international conference
  • Attended International Society for Research on Aggression in Luxembourg
  • Research assistant on federal grant to establish college mentors for at-risk high school students
  • Member, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and American Society of Criminology

Deciding on Criminology

My minor as an undergraduate was criminal justice, and I had actually never heard of criminology. I was unhappy with the career options available to me with my BA and decided to poke around and see what criminal justice jobs there were. This led me to learning about the field of criminology, a field which encompassed everything I thought about and loved learning about, but did not have a name for. I was even more excited to learn one of the top criminology programs was housed at UT Dallas, a university which was just a few minutes from my house. Everything just fell into place after that.

My EPPS Success

Finding amazing and encouraging faculty members and peers was the key to my success at UT Dallas. College is not easy, especially graduate school. You have to learn your strengths and weaknesses, become comfortable in your skin, and learn when to ask for help. Finding someone that understands you and can help push you when needed is an indelible value to your success.

Plans for the Future

Passing my comprehensive exams!

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

Whatever program you decided to enroll in, understand the building blocks of that field. Never assume a class you are taking covers irrelevant material, or that you won't build upon it later. Apply yourself now and create a solid base of knowledge. You may decide to come back to school later, and you won't want to retake classes. You may even decide to stay in the program and seek a graduate degree. Knowledge is something that can never be taken from you; gather up as much as you can.

Other Interests