Trineice Johnson

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Major: Sociology
Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

Since starting at UT Dallas in Spring 2013, I have successfully completed 49 credits over three semesters! During my last semester, which will be Spring 2014, I intend to participate in several campus activities, clubs and even an internship.

Deciding on Sociology

I worked in an unsatisfying career for nearly 10 years. One day, I decided to search the Internet for career ideas. I came across a chart on UT Dallas's Career Center website. There were two-columns that simply stated, "If you are interested in this career...then you may consider choosing this major". There were several careers that interested me and they all were under the major of Sociology. I knew that I wanted to impact lives. I knew what qualities I had to offer. I just did not know what title to attach to my interests. This chart helped me do that.

My EPPS Success

Self-determination has enabled me to be successful in the EPPS program. I started the EPPS program with a level of focus and motivation that I had not exhibited previously. The entire EPPS staff, including my advisor, has been conducive to my success at UT Dallas. Every EPPS course that I have enrolled in, without exception, has been taught by an instructor that truly cares about students and has real life experience in the field of sociology. EPPS courses have broadened my understanding of how society impacts individuals and groups alike.

Plans for the Future

Upon graduation, I intend to become a parole officer for the state of Texas. This will be my opportunity to share my strengths, skills and knowledge to not only help individuals rebuild their lives but also protect our community by ensuring adherence to the release terms established by the state of Texas.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

I advise prospective EPPS students to maintain steady contact with your advisor. The advisors are very knowledgeable and give great advice. It was at the advice of my advisor to substitute one of my courses for an internship position. This will allow me to gain real-life experience and earn three credits at the same time! Also, stay organized. Don't wait until enrollment periods to assess your progress. Some courses are only offered once per year. Some courses require prerequisites. If you are aiming for a specific graduation date, these issues may be an obstacle. Your advisor can assist you.

Other Interests

I love reading and listening to music (not at the same time). I discipline myself by only reading leisurely during school breaks. My favorite book to date is Perfect Peace by Daniel Black. My favorite song is "Bridge over Troubled Water" by Aretha Franklin. I love to watch bloopers videos and TV shows with pranks! Most of all, I love hanging out with my family. If I had a choice, I would still have chosen them to be my family.