Job Market Candidates in Political Science

Placement Director

Professor Banks Miller
(972) 883-2930

2015 - 2016   Job Market Candidates

Razan Albanna

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Research Interests: Political Repression and International Law, Comparative Regime Behavior,
Comparative Constitutions, and the Middle East Politics.

Casper Kamau

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Dissertation: National Level Tolerance for Neo-Autogenous (Customary) Law in Sub-Saharan Africa
Research Interests: African Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, International
Human Rights, Comparative Courts and Law
Advisor: Linda Camp Keith

Patrick Larue

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Dissertation: Understanding Terrorism: Three New Looks
Research Interests: Security and Terrorism, Human Rights, International Conflict, Regional Politics
(East Asia, Middle East, Africa)
Advisor: Jennifer Holmes

Calin Scoggins

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Dissertation: Religion and Security: Towards a New Data Set and Increased Understanding
Research Interests: International security, religion and politics, political philosophy, comparative
constitutions, philosophy of social science
Advisor: Linda Camp Keith

Erinn D. Wilcots

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Dissertation: African-American Political Participation in the United States
Research Interests: Race, Ethnicity and Gender Politics, Political Participation,
Political Psychology
Advisor: Thomas Brunell