Econ Lab

The Econ Lab is located in GR 3.416 (Galveston Room). It is for any undergraduate student who needs help with undergraduate economics classes. Graduate economics students staff the lab and provide needed assistance.

ECON Lab Schedule   —   Fall 2013
Aug 26 - Dec 11

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
3-4pm Ren, Scherenberg Shengzhe Wang, Kong Ren, Scherenberg Shengzhe Wang, Han
4-5pm Kass, Bakshi Bakshi, Kong Kass, Shidi Wang Rania Malik, Han
5-6pm Shuo Yang, Obiadazie Lanier Shidi Wang, Obiadazie Zeyu Zhang, Rania Malik
6-7pm Shuo Yang, Sara M. Lanier, Thompson Sara M. Zeyu Zhang