EHS (Environmental Health and Safety)

What They Do

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for maintaining the health and safety of UTD students, employees, and guests. Contact them to ensure that you are properly informed of possible health and safety procedures regarding your guests and event space.

How To Contact Them

James O. Wright,
Asst V.P. for Business Affairs, Environmental Health and Safety
Web: Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Phone: 4111
Fax: 6115


  • Be aware of evacuation procedures for the event space you are using. If a fire alarm goes off, you should be able to direct your guests to the nearest exit.
  • For large events, consider the possibility of overcrowding and prepare accordingly.
  • Important- Be sure to put all furniture back in place and out of the traffic flow post-event.  Failure to do so can result in injury and block emergency exit routes (especially for the visually impaired).