Picture of Dr. Aage Moller

Aage R. Møller


  • auditory system
  • somatosensory system
  • visual system
  • neural plasticity
  • hyperactive motor disorders
  • tinnitus
  • hyperacusis
  • non-classical auditory pathways
  • hearing science
  • intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring
  • pathologic ear
  • phonophobia


Emily Martinez

Expert at a Glance

Aage R. Møller, PhD, D.Med.Sci. School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Professor of Cognition and Neuroscience; Founders Professor Endowed Chair

Dr. Møller’s research concerns the function of the normal and the pathologic ear, and the auditory nervous system. His previous research focused on the function of the auditory system. He has also studied the somatosensory and visual systems and conducted research on pain and hyperactive motor disorders.

Recently he has studied neural plasticity and its role in autism and in disorders that have tinnitus, hyperacusis and chronic pain as symptoms.

Dr. Møller is the author of nine books in hearing science, intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring and neuroscience.

He is the chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Tinnitus Research Initiative – an international research organization. He received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.


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Updated: November 29, 2011