Ashutosh Prasad

Ashutosh Prasad


  • advertising
  • integrated marketing
  • advertising and pricing
  • software piracy
  • co-promotions
  • marketing models
  • marketing
  • advertising budgets


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Expert at a Glance

Ashutosh Prasad, Ph.D. Naveen Jindal School of Management

Associate Professor

Dr. Prasad uses analytical models to research marketing problems. In the area of dynamic effects of advertising on sales, some issues he has explored include advertising budgeting, integrated marketing communication, interaction of advertising and pricing, and the effects of competitive advertising. In the area of software marketing, he has examined how open source software quality progresses and how it competes with proprietary software. He has also looked at ways of managing software piracy.

Prasad won the best paper award in 2003 from the International Journal of Research in Marketing for an article discussing how media providers should balance revenue from advertisers and subscribers. He won the 2008 PICMET award for a paper about co-promotions in marketing channels. He has taught marketing management, marketing models and pricing to graduate and undergraduate students. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. See a list of Prasad’s published works.



Updated: November 13, 2012