Facilities Hotline

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Building Liaisons

If you note a problem requiring maintenance or repair in any building, or have suggestions regarding the facilities in any building, the Building Liaisons should be your first recourse.


Building Department Name Phone
Admin. Bldg. & CB Communications Jester, Debbie X4325
Sunderland, Lisa X2271
Animal Care Facility Research Administration Okhovat, Sanaz X4579
ATEC Building Arts & Humanities Gozzola, Becky X4376
Butler, Corey X2962
Callier Richardson Callier  Helm, Volya X3602
Pearson, Donise X3601
Conference Center Conference Center Butler, Lynn X5483
James, Elaine X6707
ECSN/ECSS/RL/WSTC Engineering & CS Basu, Tarun X4582
Capitan, Teresa X6122
Founders/FN/FA/Berkner/WSTC NS&M Walters, Steven X6072
Sims, Randy X6837
Green Center Green Center Lewis, Mickey X2231
Kacergis, Julia X4297
Green Hall Behavioral & Brain Sci. Milligan, Susie X2345
Lariscy, Valerie X2356
Green Hall General Studies Carden, Janet X2350
Buckner, Debbie X2057
Green Hall Economic, Political, and Policy Science Trang, Vy X2935
Goodfriend, Kimberly X6198
Hoblitzelle Hall & CBW Enrollment Services Howell, Ruth X2172
Sorge, Gwen X2258
Jonsson Academic Ctr. Arts and Humanities Unkenholz, Matt X2074
Georgick, Ash X2982
Library Library McGee, Carol X2960
Ross, Jach X2968
Management Building Management Scott, Susan X4085
Brown, Jessica X4840
MP Building Human Resources Mgmt. Anderson, Kelly X2129
Miley, Sonja X4570
Police Department Police Department Routzahn, Mary Ann X2324
Ingram, Amy X2226
Service Building Procurement Mgmt. Thorp, Craig X4874
Boss, Debra X4874
Student Union Student Affairs Salazar, Homer X6197
Walters, Mary X6418
University Theatre  Arts and Humanities Stover, Jeff X2074
Georgick, Ash X2982
Visual Arts Building Arts and Humanities Metz, Greg X2774
Georgick, Ash X2982
WSTC NS&M (Lithospheric Studies) Edwards, Sharon X2424

Updated: August 19, 2010