-Employee Recognition Program -

The Office of Budget and Finance routinely recognizes the outstanding contributions of our employees. Employees are nominated by their peers and award recipients are announced each quarter.

Recognition Awards are given in two categories:

  • Quarterly Individual Award                                         
  • Quarterly Team Award

Nominations Guidelines for Awards:

  • Peers and supervisors may nominate employees.
  • Nomination Form
  • Nominations will be submitted via email to Rose Walton.
  • Nominations should be submitted quarterly for all awards. 
  • The selection team meets quarterly to review and select winners.

Fiscal Year 2015 - Individual Excellence Award Winners

Jessie Jin

1st Quarter Winner

Rebekah Lopez

2nd Quarter Winner

Fiscal Year 2015 - Team Excellence Award Winners

Annual Financial Reports
Leadership Team

1st Quarter Winners

Payroll Team

2nd Quarter Winners

Greg Argueta
Cindy Milligan
Karol Miller
Jennifer Mayes

Creshona George
Ambra Gray
Amber Gray
Asheley Lankford
Jayashree Manikandan

Fiscal Year 2014 - Individual Excellence Award Winners

Jessica Bortz Nina Luu Anthony Speight

Jessica Bortz

1st Quarter Winner

Nina Luu

2nd Quarter Winner

Anthony Speight

3rd Quarter Winner

Stephenie Edwards

4th Quarter Winner

Fiscal Year 2014 - Team Excellence Award Winners

PeopleSoft Budget Control

2nd Quarter Winners

Time and Labor Module

3rd Quarter Winners

Bursar Collections Team

4th Quarter Winners

Lonnie Nealy
Greg Argueta
Dave Gaarder
Jene Janich
Kelly Linder

Hayley Berk
Jessica Bortz
Bryce Brownlee

Rebekah Lopez
Lashun Jackson
Cynthia Ladejo
Kevin Dillin