There’s nothing quite like your first year of college. A new world awaits, and UT Dallas wants to help you make the most of the experience.





2016 Housing Living Learning Communities
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Freshman Orientation — Your journey begins with Freshman Orientation, a two-day introduction to campus, culminating with class registration.

Comet Camp — Next up is Comet Camp, which offers the opportunity to bond with new friends, learn about what to expect in college and enjoy the Texas sun.

Success Camp — Success Camp provides important advice from the experts: faculty and staff who have suggestions for making the most of your time in college.

Convocation — This unique celebration honors the incoming class and introduces the University’s mission and alma mater. Students are welcomed by campus leaders, faculty and staff.

Road Warriors — Road Warriors is a social program offered to commuter students. Events have included laser tag, potluck dinners, game nights, dollar movie nights and ice skating.

Leadership —Workshops and programs are available throughout the year to enhance skills and help students become familiar with the ins and outs of leadership.

UNIV 1010 — The small seminar class for all new, first-time freshmen, this course features interactive sessions that will acquaint you with the academic process and campus life.

Freshman Housing — Living on campus can be a great way to transition to college, offering you freedom, responsibility, and a fun environment with lots of opportunities to make new friends.

Living Learning Communities — This is a unique living arrangement for students who wish to study and socialize with others who share common academic goals and interests.

Rising Sophomores — Celebrate your first year of college with fellow freshmen at the End of Year Party!

Cometline to Success — Discover the world of opportunities that are available during your freshman year.




Updated: January 30, 2015