PeopleSoft Jingle Bells

Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells

In the halls of UTD, many years ago,
BANNER was the word, the only way to go.
And then one day we found
Misfortune was our plight.
We turned UTD’s shop around and
Steered it toward the light of…

People Soft, EPM,
They will save the day!
The PeopleSoft ship has sailed,
All aboard, we’re on our way – hey!
People Soft, People Soft,
The student side is done.
When we finish PeopleSoft,
We’ll almost be Tier One!

Dashboards, charts, and graphs, the bigwigs need to tell
Can we afford to hire a Pulitzer or Nobel?
Is enrollment going up?
Are staff costs coming down?
With PeopleSoft and EPM, the answers can be found!


In the halls of UTD, in about ten years or so,
The JIRAs are all done, but the system’s running slow.
No mods are left to do;
Assignments getting thin.
We’ll  buy completely new software, and do this all again!



Updated: May 16, 2013


The Galaxy Portal has launched and Gemini is live! For information about training, be sure to check out the Training page. Several online presentations are available for immediate viewing. You can also sign up for instructor-led classes. Tools, such as conversion reference tables, are also available. If you have a general question about Gemini, eProcurement, or other topics, check out the FAQ page. Additionally, more training materials are available on the Galaxy Portal, in the My Galaxy Training section.

I recently sent an email to one of the Gemini team members with a question; I expected a long wait for a response. To my surprise, I received a response within five minutes! Thank you for not only working hard to set us up for success, but for remembering that there is more to success than quality technology. Lauren Clark, Development Associate, Office of Development and Alumni Relations