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Gemini Team Tests SciQuest

November 10, 2010

To assure a successful launch for SciQuest, we have put together a testing bunker. The bunker was very busy with testing all types of transactions, including multi-speed type requisitions (requisitions with various sources of funds for items on a purchase order). The demand on our group of dedicated interns is very high. In addition to the testing, they also supported the training effort.

The initial SciQuest end-user training sessions started October 25th and continued through the first week of November. More than twenty classes were held.

Craig Thorp has high praise for the folks participating in training. "The mood and approach of the campus population during training is one of 'can do' and 'Let's go.'  They are enthusiastic and ready for a new and improved system."

The training focused on two groups; requestors and approvers. Requestors are those individuals that enter purchase requisitions into the purchasing approval workflow procedure. Approvers are just that; those people who approve requisitions. The classes were taught by SciQuest personnel with assistance from the Procurement Management staff:

  • Craig Thorp
  • Paul Watson
  • Katie Simpson
  • Debra Boss
  • Jami McDonald
  • the Procurement interns

All the training was overseen by UT Dallas Technical Trainer Letitia Andrews.

Various types of testing and training will continue to be performed as we near the go-live date. Also, training will be provided to individuals for the foreseeable future.


Gemini Crosses the Half-way Mark

June 08, 2010

Gemini, the UT Dallas Shared Services ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project for Human Resources and the Office of Finance, commemorated reaching the half-way point in the project. With the December 1 completion date now less than six months away, executive sponsors Calvin Jamison and Jim Gary called an "all-hands" meeting to review the project status and acknowledge the hard work everyone has performed.

As one can see by looking at the Project Timeline, the Gemini project scope can be organized into two major areas: FMS (Financial Management Services), HCM (Human Capital Management).

There are also two additional projects that make up the UT Dallas Gemini project — implementing SciQuest and the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal. SciQuest is an online procurement application that works much like an online store. For more information about SciQuest, see Shop ‘Til You Drop.

The PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, a replacement for the Galaxy portal, is scheduled for launch before the end of 2010.

Dr. Jamison and Dr. Gary both applauded the strong and supportive team work that has been a major factor in the progress of Gemini. Other factors contributing to the success of the Gemini project include:

  • UT Dallas stakeholders involvement in testing configurations and cleaning of data
  • Successful collaborative sessions with the other UT System universities who will potentially join UTD in the Shared Services environment
  • Extensive support and participation from the UT Dallas campus
  • Continued support from ARDC and CIBER in achieving our our mission


Gemini teamwork has been excellent. Technical and functional teams are working well together, making excellent progress on prototyping and conversion. Additionally, the SciQuest test site is operational and Person and Job records are synchronized to Financials.

Progress on the FMS module has included successful completion of design and conversion tasks for General Ledger and Budgets, Grants Management, and Accounts Payable and Asset Management.

Fit Gap Sessions

The HCM module completed Fit/Gap analysis where 350 requirements were reviewed. Ninety-one gaps were identified between UTD required functionality and delivered PeopleSoft functionality. Of these, the project team has identified workarounds or business process changes for thirty-two gaps. Ten more gaps are addressed by the Texas-Specific “Lone Star Page.”

The Fit/Gap analysis for Benefits Administration identified only one gap that will require a customization.


The Security Team is making excellent progress and has a set of defined “Golden Roles” for use across all modules (HCM, Finance, Campus Solutions, SciQuest and OBIEE). These will be used in the Portal to roll out the security model.


Twenty-five possible catalog vendors have been identified for SciQuest, the new E-Procurement tool. The first of three Focus Group sessions have been conducted. Also, the procure-to-pay functionality beginning with SciQuest and feeding through PeopleSoft to include ordering and receiving functionality has been successfully tested.


In summary, Dr Jamison and Gary made it clear that the Gemini team has much to be proud about. It has set the standard for implementing a radically new system in a highly visible and extremely vital project that will be integral to moving UT Dallas towards Tier 1 status. The team has set the bar very high, and expectations will continue to remain high as the Gemini project serves as the vanguard for migrating the other participating UT campuses to the PeopleSoft HCM and FMS modules.

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Updated: May 16, 2013


The Galaxy Portal has launched and Gemini is live! For information about training, be sure to check out the Training page. Several online presentations are available for immediate viewing. You can also sign up for instructor-led classes. Tools, such as conversion reference tables, are also available. If you have a general question about Gemini, eProcurement, or other topics, check out the FAQ page. Additionally, more training materials are available on the Galaxy Portal, in the My Galaxy Training section.

I recently sent an email to one of the Gemini team members with a question; I expected a long wait for a response. To my surprise, I received a response within five minutes! Thank you for not only working hard to set us up for success, but for remembering that there is more to success than quality technology. Lauren Clark, Development Associate, Office of Development and Alumni Relations