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The Gemini Project

December 01, 2009

UT Dallas is moving forward with the final two pieces of its ERP renewal with Project Gemini: the implementation of PeopleSoft’s HR and Financial products.  Building on the successes and lessons learned of Project Orion, the PeopleSoft student system implementation, Gemini will wrap up the migration of UT Dallas’s core business systems from the older systems approaching end-of-life to contemporary best-in-class, web-based services. The new PeopleSoft systems are additionally part of the UT System Shared Services Initiative whereby resources and costs are shared by multiple institutions to provide the best services to the widest user base with greater economy.

UT Dallas will act as the vanguard in the HR/Financials Shared Service, which will ultimately engage eight other academic institutions. The local project teams have been named and have begun work with a target date of 1, Dec. 2010 for “go-live” of the new systems.

Gemini will enable faculty and staff to work more efficiently through a web-based, integrated environment. The automation of financial and HR processes means that data will only have to be entered once, reducing human error and increasing data integrity. The new systems will give faculty and staff increased access to financial and human resources data and will help The University of Texas at Dallas to re-engineer many administrative processes.

The University of Texas at Dallas is committed to enhancing the infrastructure needed to fulfill our goal of becoming a Tier One University. This project represents another significant milestone in achieving that goal.


Gemini Debuts

Over two hundred staff and honored guests from UT System and Shared Services danced and swayed to the beat of “Celebration” on October 22, 2009, as Calvin Jamison and Jim Gary officially kicked off the new project called Gemini.

The Gemini Project is the second University of Texas Shared Services PeopleSoft initiative and will replace the current UTD FRS and HRS business systems. The University of Texas at Dallas will lead the way as the first adopter of a shared environment that will ultimately be used by eight different campuses in the UT System.

This project will include the implementation and deployment of three state-of-the-art applications focused on streamlining business processes. This will be accomplished by leveraging the latest technologies to increase user efficiencies and reducing duplicate effort. The integrated applications of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, PeopleSoft Financial Management Systems and SciQuest are designed to provide access to new functionality and tools that have not been available in the legacy systems. Ultimately the legacy systems will give way to online self-service modules, enhanced reporting capabilities, external interfaces to vendors and new tools designed to enhance analysis and planning activities. Additional integration will also be available with the new student information system, Orion.

The kick-off, with its emphasis on the exciting new benefits Gemini will bring to University of Texas at Dallas, seemed an especially good way to launch a project that brings together such a large group of individuals from so many areas and departments of UTD, as well as UT System.

The combined project team is being led by members from Business Affairs, Human Resources, and the Enterprise Application Services departments. The members of the Gemini Project Team have already been deeply involved in several weeks of training to prepare for the task that lay ahead. This project is a major undertaking and requires the coordination of a dedicated work effort that will involve seven other UT System universities in collaborative work sessions before implementation can really begin. A huge array of decisions must be agreed upon and planned for early on, prior to the UTD setup and configuration of the applications. Planning and collaboration are essential if we are to have a successful launch of the new systems, which are targeted to ‘go live’ December, 2010.

Beginning in 2010, campus stakeholders will be asked to participate in focus groups to review business processes and procedures to insure that the new systems are configured for maximum efficiency. Following configuration and testing of the systems, users will be provided “hands on” training prior to the go live date.

A key feature of the gathering was motivational speaker Al Lucia, who wrapped up the program using songs from the Sixties and Seventies to energize the audience and send everyone out enthusiastic about the future.


Updated: May 31, 2013


The Galaxy Portal has launched and Gemini is live! For information about training, be sure to check out the Training page. Several online presentations are available for immediate viewing. You can also sign up for instructor-led classes. Tools, such as conversion reference tables, are also available. If you have a general question about Gemini, eProcurement, or other topics, check out the FAQ page. Additionally, more training materials are available on the Galaxy Portal, in the My Galaxy Training section.

I recently sent an email to one of the Gemini team members with a question; I expected a long wait for a response. To my surprise, I received a response within five minutes! Thank you for not only working hard to set us up for success, but for remembering that there is more to success than quality technology.Lauren Clark, Development Associate, Office of Development and Alumni Relations