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August Update

August 30, 2010 – The past week saw significant gains in progress from several teams involved in the Gemini Project. Reported successes include:

Purchasing Team

  • Wen and Gina were able to deploy the attachment modification for travel and expense in DEV.
  • Paying a converted PO.
  • Determining connectivity requirements for the MasterCard file.
  • Printing the delivered Crystal version of the AP check.

Portal Team

  • SciQuest XML message login successful.

General Ledger, AR/BI, Banking and USAS

  • September FY10 Journals edited and posted.
  • Ran Trial balance for September 09.
  • Ran interim close.
  • Created post interim close Trial Balance.

Asset Management/Construction

  • Asset Management
    • Successfully established Profile ID.
    • Successfully established AM book.
  • Project Costing
    • Successfully budgeted PC projects.
    • Successfully posted JE's to GL.
    • Successfully collected cost from GL JE to PC.
    • Successfully capitalized an asset from PC.

Welcome Our Newest Addition

New team member Monica Grace Malota debuted Tuesday, May 26th. A big congratulations goes out to Debbie and her husband CJ Malota.

Monica Grace Malota
6 lbs 2 oz
19 inches
Born May 26, 2010
8:30 am


Focus Group Meets with Fiscal Officers

The Gemini project team conducted a series of focus group meetings with the University’s Fiscal Officers. The meetings covered the definition of all active data elements in PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts. The project team also discussed the relationships between the Chart of Accounts structure and workflow configuration, as well as access to data (i.e. row-level security).

Based on current business requirements, all participants agreed that PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts will need to provide a mechanism to track cost centers at a lower level than the department’s in order to provide appropriate budgeting, row-level security, and workflow approvals. The GEMINI project team will be conducting additional focus group sessions with the various schools and divisions within the next month to finalize row-level security and workflow configuration.

Shop ’Til You Drop — Online Procurement Coming to UT Dallas

Procurement Management has concentrated its efforts on the areas of e-procurement (with SciQuest), travel (with PeopleSoft Travel & Expense Module) and Inventory Control (with PeopleSoft Asset Management module).

SciQuest consultants visited UT Dallas for 1-1/2 days this week to conduct the first Focus Group. A core and extended core focus group assembled and participated in an interactive discussion with SciQuest consultants regarding the functionality and applicability of the SciQuest HigherMarkets e-procurement product to the UT Dallas environment.

A committee was formed to further review the ability to move forms electronically through an approval workflow. SciQuest will enable 5 forms (PAF, AFPS, Sole Source, Change Order Request and Special Events) and will train UT Dallas administrators to create additional electronic forms.

Greener, Leaner Payroll Processing Planned for 2011

The HCM team is excited about the implementation of Project Gemini.  The more we learn about the features that PeopleSoft offers the campus, the more excited we become.  For example, many UT Dallas employees will be able to complete a web time sheet rather than a paper time sheet. Gemini has the ability to allow managers to electronically approve the time of their employees and have that approved time flow into payroll. By eliminating most of the paper shuffling and double entry required by our current system, Gemini will save paper and reduce data entry errors.  So Gemini holds the promise of offering greener, leaner business processes than the current system.

During the last two weeks the HCM team has been building tables in the test environment and devising strategies to convert the data that is in our legacy system.  We are making good progress and are staying on schedule, as of this point in time.

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Updated: May 16, 2013


The Galaxy Portal has launched and Gemini is live! For information about training, be sure to check out the Training page. Several online presentations are available for immediate viewing. You can also sign up for instructor-led classes. Tools, such as conversion reference tables, are also available. If you have a general question about Gemini, eProcurement, or other topics, check out the FAQ page. Additionally, more training materials are available on the Galaxy Portal, in the My Galaxy Training section.

I recently sent an email to one of the Gemini team members with a question; I expected a long wait for a response. To my surprise, I received a response within five minutes! Thank you for not only working hard to set us up for success, but for remembering that there is more to success than quality technology. Lauren Clark, Development Associate, Office of Development and Alumni Relations