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Dr. Karen Prager, Gender Studies Program

Gender Studies
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What is Gender Studies?

Gender frames how we view and interact with the world. Gender Studies is a new and exciting field of scholarship that places gender at the center of scholarly analysis.

The Bachelor's degree in Gender Studies is an Interdisciplinary degree that draws upon courses in Gender Studies, American Humanities, Social Sciences Psychology and other gender-related courses as part of the requirements.

The program examines gender as:

  • A complex as complex social construction that intersects with class, race, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation and sexual identity;
  • The lives and experiences of groups which have been underrepresented in traditional academic work;
  • To acquaint students with the fundamental methodologies of women's gender studies.

How Gender Studies will benefit you?

Fuel your intellectual growth and curiosity:

  • Encounter ideologies that have been used to explain women's and men's natures, roles, and societal functions;
  • Be exposed to new scholarship, to feminist theory, and to critiques of feminism;
  • Let your coursework in Gender Studies revise and redefine scholarship in the traditional academic disciplines.

The Gender Studies curriculum allows students to explore a range of subjects, from arts and humanities to psychology.

For your career growth:

  • Receive useful preparation for training in the professions: education, law, health sciences, social work, policy studies, or management;
  • Enhance your opportunities to pursue postgraduate training in the social sciences and the humanities;
  • Be well-prepared for employment in management, human resources, public service and sales.

Foster your personal growth:

  • Encounter a rich and flexible liberal arts education which integrates knowledge across traditional academic boundaries;
  • Enhance your awareness of the subliminal messages you receive about gender in the media, in everyday conversation, in your personal relationships, and in social and educational institutions.

The UT Dallas Gender Studies program is the only one of its kind in Texas, addressing issues pertaining to both the male and female genders.


Internships provide a way to try out a new career and make contacts in a student's field of interest. It also provides a place to apply classroom learning to workplace practice. Gender Studies students are eligible for the School of Interdisciplinary Studies Internship program. For further information, please contact Becky Wiser, Academic Support Coordinator at 972-883-2354 or check our website.

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