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Taking Courses Off Campus

Starting Fall 2012 you are no longer able to take courses off campus during your graduating semester at UT Dallas. If you have any outstanding transfer credit from a previous semester, you must submit the outstanding official transcript to the Office of the Registrar by 12:00 p.m. the last day of final grading for your graduating semester.

If the UT Dallas Office of the Registrar does not receive your transcripts from the off-campus institution by the above-referenced deadline, you will not be allowed to graduate and you will be required to re-apply for graduation next semester. If you will not be enrolled in any courses at UT Dallas next semester, you will also need to complete an In Absentia form and a $100 In Absentia Fee will be placed on your account.  Please note that the fee cannot be waived.

1.  Verify the Course(s) Will Transfer

  • Before registering for the course(s) or courses at the off-campus institution, you must verify that it will transfer to UT Dallas and fulfill the desired requirement. U Select will allow you to see exactly how the course(s) will be accepted at UT Dallas.
  • Because U Select is only a tool to review transferability of courses, you should meet with your academic advisor prior to taking any course at another institution.  Only your advisor can guarantee that the course will meet degree requirements.

2.    Notify Your Professor of the Deadline

Early on in the semester, you should visit with the professor of the course(s) you are taking off-campus concerning the above-referenced deadline. Waiting until the day of the final exam to tell your professor about the deadline will cause much hassle for both you and the professor and may ultimately prevent you from graduating from UT Dallas.


Updated: January 11, 2013