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What does "Comet Spirit" mean to your everyday life at UT Dallas


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Ashley Levy

Senior, Accounting

“Comet Spirit is showing support and love for UT Dallas. This comes in many forms, from wearing UTD gear proudly, to attending events the University holds, to getting involved in student organizations, and aiding the student population to be the best they can. I always have a smile on my face and encourage others to show their Comet Spirit as well. Whoosh!”


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Anna Winnicki

Senior, Healthcare Studies

“Comet Spirit means I wear a smile on my face, knowing I go to an amazing university. I’m always excited to attend as many of our school’s functions and events as I can, while also collecting anything and everything UT Dallas so I can decorate my room with keepsakes and mementos. Comet Spirit means I’m constantly recruiting others to join me so they can experience the same joy I feel and make the same memories I’ve grown to cherish.”


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Brooke Lopez

Junior, Public Affairs

“Comet Spirit is knowing the names of not only the players, but the patrons who attend the games, rain or shine. Comet Spirit is rubbing the head of Eugene McDermott’s bust to catch that last boost of luck on your midterm. Comet Spirit is what makes UT Dallas stand out enough to keep students here from morning until night. It’s what gets me going with excitement to come to school, and it’s the pride every student brings with them to campus.”


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Diem-Thi Le

Sophomore, Global Business

“Having Comet Spirit makes me excited for the growth of the University. It also excites me to wake up every morning and head to class because I know the education I’m receiving is going to help me in my future endeavors. Every day my love for UT Dallas grows. Every day I’m proud to be a Comet.”


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Vishalini Sundaram

Senior, Healthcare Studies

“Comet Spirit means knowing you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. It means being involved in organizations and activities that you're passionate about and that you believe in. When I think about my years at UT Dallas, I delight in the way we’ve progressed with respect to academics, research and infrastructure.”


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Brendan Kouns

Freshman, Healthcare Management

“Comet Spirit is as diverse as the school’s population. The different variety of backgrounds found here provides each student an individualized experience. Participation in the many different organizations and school functions shows how students support each other in a time of constant change. Comet Spirit is helping others and getting involved in every aspect of the school.”


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Carson Lutterloh

Freshman, Computer Science

“Comet Spirit means I’m ready to make someone smile each and every day. It’s something each person on campus has, and it’s shown in common activities such as supporting a team, smiling at people as you walk around campus, or wishing your friend the best on his or her test. Comet Spirit is 100 percent about attitude.”


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Dalton Owens

Sophomore, Marketing

“Comet Spirit is about smiling uncontrollably when you heard the DECA team won several events at internationals, or feeling a sense of pride when you found out Dr. Aziz Sancar won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. Comet Spirit is being excited about what your fellow students and alumni achieve, because when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.”


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Khanh Nguyen

Senior, Biology

“Comet Spirit is the camaraderie that exists within the student body. It’s what unites us and helps us support each other as we strive to live up to UT Dallas’ mission of academic excellence. It is the driving force that compels students towards service and leadership. Comet Spirit is pride: in our athletics teams, in our faculty and in our fellow students’ successes.”


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Zachary Regetz

Junior, Neuroscience

“The real Comet Spirit is hidden beneath the surface. I felt the first spark when I was a freshman. I was with a group of friends and it was getting late. Without thinking, I said, ‘I need to go home,’ and it struck me: I thought of this place as home. I no longer feel the trepidation of standing in a lecture hall. I feel as though I’m addressing my family.”


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