Classified Pay Plan and Salary Guides


Classified Salary Grid

The salary structure provides guidelines to set and manage compensation. All employees can expect to be paid at a salary rate that falls within the salary range of the grade for their position.

This tool may be used as a guideline for determining the range of a starting salary. Other criteria may be considered when determining salary, such as total years of relevant experience, skills, and competencies.

Minimum of Range 1st Quartile 2nd Quartile Midpoint of Range 3rd Quartile 4th Quartile Maximum of Range
  Meets minimum qualifications Previous related experience   Meets preferred qualifications Subject Matter Expert  
  Has little or no previous experience Demonstrated ability to perform duties   Demonstrated ability to perform duties independently Exhibits broad and deep knowledge of job and related areas  
  Requires additional training to build knowledge and skills May need additional training to perform duties independently   Consistently exhibits core competencies Senior-level job expertise  
  Entry Level     Seasoned Professional / Mid-Career    


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