Non-Classified Positions

Academic, Administrative, Faculty, Professional, Student


Find job codes and descriptions by job type (3 types)



Job Codes and Descriptions



A00101 President  
A00105 Special Assistant to the President  
A00106 Director University Events  
A00108 Assistant to Pres Strategic Initiat  
A00109 Vice President Public Affairs  
A00110 Associate VP Development  
A00112 Director Development  
A00113 Development Officer  
A00114 Assistant VP Development  
A00115 Assist Dean Development & Alum  
A00116 Assistant VP Development Alum Rel  
A00117 Vice President Development  
A00119 Vice President Diversity / Commun Engage  
A00120 Director Development Special Projects  
A00121 Special Admin Assignment  
A00122 Associate VP Applied Research  
A00123 Associate VP Strategic Initiative  
A00124 Assistant VP Multicultural Affairs  
A00125 Assistant VP Diversity Community  
A00126 Associate Director Corporate Relations  
A00128 Assistant VP Auxiliary Services  
A00129 Associate VP Developm t Alum Rel  
A00130 Vice President Communications  
A00131 Assistant VP Marketing  
A00132 Assistant VP Communications  
A00133 Associate VP Communications  
A00134 Associate VP Marketing  
A00135 Assistant VP University Web Srvcs  
A00138 Executive Director  
A00140 University Attorney  
A00145 Web Content Editor  
A00147 Communications Manager  
A00149 Creative Director  
A00151 Director Development Communications  
A00152 Director Foundation Relationships  
A00160 Director Audit Compliance  
A00161 Assistant Director Compliance  
A00162 Chief Audit Exec  
A00175 Assistant Coordinator  
A00178 PhD Program Administrator  
A00182 Professional Development Associate  
A00183 Master Teacher  
A00184 Research Professor  
A00185 Associate Research Professor  
A00186 Assistant Research Professor  
A00191 Editor  
A00194 Editor-in-Chief  
A00195 Director Circulation  
A00196 Managing Editor  
A00198 Executive Editor  
A00199 Library Financial Officer  
A00200 Executive VP Provost  
A00201 Vice Provost  
A00202 Vice Provost Enrollment Management  
A00203 Associate Provost  
A00204 Executive Vice Provost  
A00205 Senior Vice Provost  
A00206 Dean Undergraduate Studies  
A00207 Associate Provost / Dean Undergrad  
A00208 Senior Vice Provost Acting Provost  
A00209 Assistant Provost  
A00212 Dean of Graduate Studies  
A00213 Vice President Research  
A00214 Assistant VP Research Compliance  
A00216 Director Sponsored Projects  
A00217 Associate VP Research  
A00218 Assistant Director Research Spon Project  
A00219 Director  
A00220 Senior Director Research Compliance  
A00221 Associate Director  
A00222 Director Teacher Education  
A00223 Assistant Director  
A00225 Manager Events and Communicati  
A00229 Assistant VP and Dean of Students  
A00230 Dean of Students  
A00231 Associate Dean of Students  
A00232 Dean  
A00233 Acting Dean  
A00234 Associate Dean  
A00235 Senior Associate Dean  
A00236 Assistant Dean  
A00237 Assistant Dean of Students  
A00242 Director Advising Svcs SOM  
A00243 School Fiscal Officer  
A00246 Schl Director of Corporate Relation  
A00247 Assistant Dean MBA Programs  
A00249 Senior Associate Director Records  
A00253 University Registrar  
A00254 Associate Director Records  
A00255 Director Enrollment Services  
A00256 Deputy Director Admissions  
A00257 Deputy Director Records and Re  
A00258 Director The Womens Center  
A00260 EVP Prov President ad interim  
A00262 Associate VP Tech Commercialization  
A00263 Associate Director Applied Research Ins  
A00264 Assistant Director Technology Commercial  
A00265 Executive Vice President  
A00266 Provost  
A00267 Interim Provost  
A00268 Assessment Coordinator  
A00269 Director Corporate Progams  
A00270 Senior Director  
A00271 ECS School Administrator  
A00272 Director Undergraduate Advising  
A00276 Interim Director  
A00277 Induction Coordinator  
A00278 Facilitator  
A00279 Coordinator Student Teaching  
A00281 Director Academic Programs  
A00290 Director Applied Research Center  
A00292 Educational Assistant  
A00295 Information Services Coordinator  
A00297 Vice President Chief Information Officer  
A00299 Director Travel and One Card  
A00300 Acting VP Budget and Finance  
A00301 Vice President Budget & Financ  
A00303 Vice President Administration  
A00304 Assistant VP Human Resources  
A00305 Associate VP Facilities Management  
A00306 Associate VP Budget & Finance  
A00309 Assistant VP Envir Health & Safety  
A00310 Assistant VP Procurement  
A00311 Associate VP & CBO  
A00313 Assistant Budget Director  
A00314 Exec Director Strategic Plan Analysis  
A00315 Associate Director Strategic Plan Analysis  
A00316 Assistant Director Strategic Plan Analysis  
A00317 Director Administrative Services  
A00318 Associate VP Human Resources  
A00319 Assistant VP and Chief Budget Officer  
A00320 Director Contract Administration  
A00321 Director Finance Operations  
A00322 Director Business Intelligenc  
A00323 Director Contract Grants Acct  
A00324 Director Budget & Resource Planning  
A00325 Director Accounting Fin Reporting  
A00326 Director Financial Services  
A00328 Director Business Services  
A00330 Director EHS  
A00331 Associate Controller  
A00332 Director Acctg Resource Center  
A00333 Director Payroll Services  
A00334 Director Employee Relations / Org Dev  
A00335 Executive Director Procurement Management  
A00336 Director Institutional Equity / EEO  
A00339 Director Technology Customer Serv  
A00341 Associate VP Information Res  
A00344 Technology & Licensing manager  
A00346 Senior Oracle Database Administrat  
A00347 Web Services &Social Media Manager  
A00348 Director IR Quality, Compliance, & Access  
A00351 OIM Technical Lead  
A00352 HECH Technical Lead  
A00353 IT Architect / Network Engineer  
A00354 Data Base Administrator  
A00355 Manager Web-Based Communications  
A00356 Director Communications Technical Services  
A00357 Manager Information Resources  
A00358 Director Program Management  
A00359 Director Information Security  
A00360 Assistant VP Information Resources  
A00361 Manager Environmental Hlth Safety  
A00362 Director Physical Plant Services  
A00363 Assistant Director Physical Plant  
A00365 Associate Director Facilities Management  
A00366 Chief of Police  
A00367 Assistant Chief of Police  
A00371 Director Research Core Facilities  
A00372 Director Engineering Constr Plang  
A00374 Director Business Services  
A00375 Acquisition Architect-Develop  
A00376 Decision Sppt BI Architect-Dev  
A00377 Data Warehouse Architect  
A00378 Associate VP & Chief Technology Officer  
A00379 Director Research Computing  
A00380 Assistant VP  
A00381 Director Lab Animal Resource Center  
A00382 Director Project Management  
A00383 Director Enterprise Architect  
A00384 Director Research Facilities Operations  
A00401 Vice President Student Affairs  
A00403 Vice President Enrollment Management  
A00406 Director Communications Standard & Conduct  
A00408 Associate VP SA / Dean of Students  
A00409 Associate VP Student Affairs  
A00417 Assistant VP Student Affairs  
A00418 Assistant VP International Programs  
A00419 Assistant VP Student Programs  
A00420 Assistant VP Residential Life  
A00422 Director Financial Aid  
A00423 Deputy Director Financial Aid  
A00424 Associate Director Financial Aid  
A00425 Director Immigration Services  
A00426 Director Intercltr Prog / Study Abrd  
A00427 Director Global Engagement  
A00428 Associate Director Interl Student Svcs  
A00429 Director Assessment  
A00430 Director Greek Life  
A00431 Director Student Affairs Marketing  
A00432 Director Career Services  
A00433 Senior Associate Director Career Services  
A00434 Associate Director Career Services  
A00435 Director Student AccessAbility  
A00436 Director Housing Operations  
A00437 Director Student Life  
A00438 Director Student Development  
A00439 Director Student Activities  
A00440 Director Counseling  
A00441 Director Student Union  
A00442 Director Smart Card Program  
A00443 Director Student Media  
A00444 Director Health Services  
A00445 Director International Student Services  
A00448 Counseling Intern  
A00449 Director Student Wellness  
A00450 Director Residential Life  
A00451 Assistant Director Student Union  
A00452 Coordinator Program Development  
A00453 Director Living Learning Program  
A00454 Director New Student Programs  
A00456 Staff Physician  
A00457 Physician Assistant  
A00458 Staff Psychiatrist  
A00463 Senior Director Marketing Student Affairs  
A00468 Student Union Act Adv Brd Chr  
A00469 Director Athletics  
A00470 Assistant Athletic Director  
A00471 Associate Athletic Director  
A00472 Coach  
A00473 Assistant Athetic Director Media Relatations  
A00474 Director Recreational Sports  
A00475 Spirit Coordinator  
A00480 Director Operations BPI  
A00490 Student Programs Director  
A00491 Director Programs for Minors  
A00501 Dean of McDermott Library  
A00502 Director Libraries  
A00503 Senior Associate Library Director  
A00504 Associate Library Director  
A00513 Curator  
A00514 Curator-Chance Vought  
A00523 Coordinator / Special Collection  
A00524 Assistant Coordinator Special Collections  
A00527 Head Access & Delivery Services  
A00528 Digital Librarian  
A00529 Web Services Librarian  
A00598 Senior Librarian  
A00599 Librarian  
A00600 Instructional Service Librarian  
A00612 Research Scientist-Faculty  
A00614 Research Scientist  
A00615 Research Scientist II  
A00616 Research Manager  
A00617 Visiting Research Associate  
A00618 Visiting Scientist  
A00619 Visiting Lab Assistant  
A00632 Research Associate  
A00670 Program Director  
A00672 Program Manager  
A00680 Project Supervisor  
A00684 Project Engineer Scientist  
A00702 Center Director  
A00704 Associate Center Director  
A00712 Callier Business Manager  
A00714 Director Business Operations  
A00715 Assistant Director Operations CBH  
A00716 Director Operations  
A00717 Director Acquired Brain Injury Program  
A00720 Director Post Award Management  
A00730 Head Community Services  
A00732 Head Clinical Services  
A00733 Head Adult Research  
A00734 Head Audiology  
A00736 Head Speech Pathology  
A00738 Head Special Services  
A00740 Head Virtual Training Programs  
A00746 Master Clinician  
A00748 Senior Clinician  
A00750 Clinician  
A00751 Clinical Intern  
A00752 Audiology Clinical Extern  
A00753 Speech Language Pathologist  
A00755 Vice President Advancement  
A00756 Director Purchasing  
A00900 Director Title IX Initiatives  
A00902 Director Compliance  
A00906 Center Director  
A00913 Caruth Chair  
A00921 Ericsson Chair Electrical Eng  
A00928 President Emeritus  
A00929 Professor Emeritus  
A00930 University Retirees  
A00931 Surviving Dependent  
A00950 McDermott Chair Univ Leadershp  
A00951 Green Chair Academic Leadershp  
A00970 TI Nanoelectronics Dist Chair  
F00001 Regental Professor  
F00002 Endowed Chair  
F00003 Endowed Professorship  
F00004 Professor and Program Head  
F00005 Professor and Master  
F00006 Associate Professor Program Head  
F00007 Professor In Practice  
F00008 Ida Green Professor  
F00009 Margaret F Jonsson Professor  
F00010 Professor  
F00011 Distinguished Scholar in Residence  
F00012 Visiting Professor  
F00013 Founders Professor  
F00014 Professor Emeritus  
F00015 Adjunct Professor  
F00016 Professor on Modified Service  
F00017 Professor and Director  
F00018 Ashbel Smith Professor  
F00019 Clinical Professor  
F00020 Associate Professor  
F00021 Associate Professor and Program Head  
F00022 Visiting Associate Professor  
F00025 Adjunct Associate Professor  
F00026 Associate Professor Modified Service  
F00029 Clinical Associate Professor  
F00030 Assistant Professor  
F00031 Visiting Distinguished Scholar  
F00032 Visiting Assistant Professor  
F00033 Research Professor  
F00034 Research Associate Professor  
F00035 Adjunct Assistant Professor  
F00036 Research Assistant Professor  
F00039 Clinical Assistant Professor  
F00040 Instructor  
F00043 Assistant Instructor  
F00044 Clinical Lecturer  
F00046 Clinical Lecturer / Research Scientist  
F00047 Senior Lecturer III  
F00048 Senior Lecturer II  
F00049 Senior Lecturer I  
F00050 Lecturer II  
F00051 Lecturer I  
F00071 Practice Teaching Specialist  
F00072 Physical Activities Specialist  
F00076 Teacher  
F00080 Continuing Education Instructor  
F00962 Distinguished Professor  
F00965 Endowed Professor  
F00966 Distinguished University Chair  
F00967 Distinguised Chair  
F00968 Faculty Fellow  
F00969 Distinguished Professorship  
S00041 Teaching Associate  
S00061 Teaching Assistant  
S00070 Undergraduate Assistant  
S00071 Graduate Assistant  
S00625 Visiting Student Researcher  
S00634 Research Assistant  
S00922 Stipends / Extra Duty Pay  
S09996 Student Work Study  
S09997 Student Worker  

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